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  1. BlueCruise 1.3 Software - Coming Soon - Mach E's

    On the Mach E site - https://www.macheforum.com/site/threads/bluecruise-1-3-software-update-coming-soon-reminder-tips.29603/ No real idea of what all is included, but maybe this means it'll be coming to us sooner than later as well. Hi owners! The Ford BlueCruise 1.3 software update is coming...
  2. Unreal & Carplay Oddity

    For those of you who switched over to the Unreal engine & use CarPlay are you able to swipe the map on Google Maps & Waze? I used to be able to manually move the map around on GMaps & Waze by swiping with 1 finger but now I can't. Apple Maps works just fine, and on my company car I can move...
  3. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    In an attempt to keep the other threads clean lets use this thread to request VIN lookups from anyone with an active FDRS or PTS subscription. Please specify if you are looking for OTA updates (done via PTS) or module updates (done via FDRS) Please do not PM asking for a VIN lookup, please use...
  4. Ford will update BlueCruise driver assist with hands-free lane changing

    https://www.theverge.com/2022/9/8/23342626/ford-bluecruise-adas-hands-free-lane-change-update Looks like Ford is going to continue to improve BlueCruise.
  5. More Filtering Options

    @Administrator would it be possible to get another filtering option on the main page similar to how you have "Exclude Lightning Topics" to also have a filter to exclude "Pricing, Ordering, Tracking, Production"? For those of us with our vehicles it would be nice to filter out the build week...
  6. Paid No Ad Forum Access

    @Administrator Any chance there will be a membership or some kind of payment to get an add free viewing experience? I'll gladly support this site from all the help it's provided me and no ads would be a bonus.
  7. Blue Cruise Map

    I searched the forums and didn't find anything definitive. Does anyone know of a good readable map of the roads deemed Blue Cruise ready? I found this link, but the map is so damn tiny in my area it's hard to tell (Houston). Blue Cruise map
  8. Module Updates - Truck runs better?

    For those of you that have updated the non Sync & Blue Cruise related modules do you feel that your truck just runs better? I was telling my wife yesterday that maybe it's just a placebo effect but I swear my truck shifts better, accelerates better and overall does better. I have no clue...
  9. AdvanceTrac error every time I use the brakes

    Well isn't this just grand, 5 days before my road trip from TX to MO. Every time I push the brake the error pops up for about a half second with that stupid ding. Called the local dealerships, the earliest they can get me in to look at it is Monday and they figure it's a bad sensor which none...