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  1. 2021 F150 5.0 Oil Consumption

    Hi Everyone, I’ve done some research on the thread regarding excessive oil consumption and although I see a bunch of posts about not having issues, I haven’t seen much with issues. I just changed my oil for the 3rd time yesterday at 21k miles (2021 F150 5.0) and for the third consecutive time I...
  2. Apple Car Play Connection Issues

    Hey guys, Is anyone having issues with their iPhone connecting to Apple car play? I’ve had an iPhone 10 since I bought the truck in 2021. I would occasionally have glitches here and there. I got an iPhone 14 this week and the phone will connect to the truck’s Bluetooth but having major...
  3. Alexa Update and Amazon Music Capabilities

    Hey guys, I just got the Amazon Alexa update and I’ve noticed when I’m in the garage still connected to my house wifi, I can say “Alexa, play country music” and it will Work but as soon as I get out of range from my house wifi, it no longer allows be to use Alexa for Amazon music. It says I need...
  4. How to purchase Bluecruise.

    Hello, Just curious has anyone purchased Bluecruise during the one year free trial period? I can see Bluecruise in the app under connected services —> manage.. but I don’t see the option to renew. I’m not doing it yet but want to be ready to purchase before it expires in June.
  5. Interior and headlights no longer coming on when doors open

    Hey guys, I’m recently having issues with the exterior and interior lights not coming on when I open the doors. I’ve even noticed when I lock and unlock with the remote there is now just a quick flash of the parking lights and that’s it. Possibly some kind of black out mode that I’ve somehow...
  6. Sync Cuts out Randomly

    Hey guys, Does anyone else have issues with the ford sync cutting out randomly on the iPhone? It’s the strangest thing I’ll be driving down the road listening to Amazon music and all of a sudden the music goes from a stereo sound to almost sounds like the music is playing through the backup...
  7. New Truck = Dead Battery and Burning Smell

    First off. It’s crucial that I set the scene before I proceed. After 21 years of driving cars I finally decided to buy a nice 4x4 truck. I’ve had it 6 months and we finally get our first snow… about 3 inches. so I think alright here we go.. no more worrying about getting stuck and getting out of...
  8. What is this piece?

    I know I’ve seen this on the forum somewhere but can’t seem to locate it. Does anyone know what this piece is for? It was under my drivers side windshield wiper when I was washing the truck. I was thinking it has something to do with holding the wiper in place.
  9. Cooled Seats don’t feel 100%

    Is anyone having issues with their cooled seats not cooling like they did when the truck was brand new? My seats fee like they don’t have as much power as they did when I rolled off the dealer lot. I do have the massaging seats and I’m wondering if the massaging part of the seat has loosened the...
  10. Running generator all night? Safe? Gas consumption?

    Hey guys, Has anyone actually left their truck on all night to use the generator? For example camping or some other low wattage power consumption. Just wondering how much gas it burns and it it’s truly safe for your vehicle?
  11. Live Traffic Updates on Navigation

    Hey guys, Does anyone know how to get live traffic updates on the navigation screen? If so is there a way to do it without paying for the monthly hot spot service. for example using Google maps via CarPlay. oop. I figured it out. You can ignore this
  12. Clunking Noise in Rear End

    Hey Guys, Anyone else hear a clunking noise in their rear end when hitting a bump? I specifically only hear this clunk when I’m pulling in/out of my driveway where I’m driving over the concrete drain that connects the road to the driveway. I got under the truck today to see if anything was...
  13. Blue Cruise vs Lane Keep Assist

    Hey guys, So I’ve had my tuck a month now and I love it. I do frequently use the lane keep assist + crisis control. However the truck has done some scary things and if I wasn’t paying attention I could have possibly ended up in a ditch. Does anyone know if Blue Cruise is going to be much more...
  14. Smudges on Chrome Door Handles

    hey guys, Nothing more frustrating to walk out and seeing fingerprint smudges all over my chrome door handles from the kids. Does anyone have a tip on how to help with this? I have a bottle of ceramic coating I haven’t applied yet but I’m hoping that helps.
  15. Connect to Cell Phone hotspot

    Hey guys, Is anyone else not able to connect to their phone WiFi hotspot? I can connect to my home wifi just fine but the truck won’t connect to my hotspot. Wasn’t sure if this was Fords way of forcing you to purchase the monthly WiFi service through them
  16. Ventilated Seats Not working 100%

    Hey guys, I could have sworn my ventilated seats felt great the day i picked up my truck (1 week ago) but now I hear this loud air sound under the seat and it hardly blows up through the seat cushion. I’ve attempted to take a photos under the seat of the small blower (black box looks like a...
  17. Ford Pass Points

    Hey Guys, I received my 42k points this morning. Does anyone know if we can use these towards Rousch products? I would like to get the Rousch intake and this would take roughly $240 off the price tag.
  18. Sport Mode Sounds Different

    Hey Guys, Is it just me or does your truck sound better when switching to sport mode? I have the 5.0 and I swear it sounds like there is a deeper rumple to the exhaust when In Sport mode. It almost seems like there is some sort of electric baffle in the resonator that opens up. Or is this just...
  19. Box Link Cleat Install Problems

    Hey Guys, Has anyone else had issues installing the Ford box link cleats in their bed? I got one of the 4 in place. There is no way the other 3 are going in. Without some sort of modification.
  20. Unlock on Approach

    Hey Guys, Does anyone know if the new F-150 has an unlock on approach feature? Similar to the running downs coming out on approach.