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  1. True 4WD with High and Low speed transfer case - best option is GM or Chevy

    The Hi-Lock is more similar to the base ESOF case with added automatic capabilities. A Raptor/Tremor locks up mechanically like an XL or XLT in 4H or 4L. Meaning a locked condition with dog clutches and a chain. If you order a Lariat with the snow plow package it deletes the 4A TOD case and...
  2. 2014 Ford F150 5.0 Tapping in the front going over bumps

    I hear it at 11 seconds. It almost sounds like it may be a vacuum hub issue. That is very common on 12th gen’s. If there is a leak at the diaphragm they tend to chatter or clank/half engage. It’s called the ESOF system. One trick you can do is to pull the vac line off of the vacuum hubs...
  3. Transmission rough shifting fix: BG low viscosity ATF fluid & conditioner + Transmission Service Kit part 6600

    I think you have a good idea there, realistically it is the best practice to use the severe duty change mileage on this trans (60k mi?). 150k is a lot of fluid wear.
  4. 2014 Ford F150 5.0 Tapping in the front going over bumps

    Maybe ball joint? I would start by jacking up the front and testing for wheel bearing play, ball joint (a few good vids in YouTube for that). How long have you owned the truck? At 10 years old there are a few suspension components that can start to make noises over bumps like that. If 4x4 no...
  5. 2024 Le Mans Mustang GT3 On-Board Live Cam

    Nope, edited. It’s just an American backed team and a manufacturer we own products from! It’s like when you say “we won” for your hometown sports team. Not taking credit, but was just rooting for them :) I always root for Cadillac in the upper circuits. Last year was watching the Camaro...
  6. 2024 Le Mans Mustang GT3 On-Board Live Cam

    Ford got a podium win (3rd place) in the GT3 circuit. Also beat Ferrari in the GT3 circuit. Great for the Mustangs first Le-Mans run I’d say.
  7. So, I'm bored and want to spend some money..

    5.2 Predator swap. Yank out the hybrid, in goes the supercharged V8. $30,000 plus incidentals. Available from Ford Performance.
  8. Ford Restricting Engines for Dealer Stock

    Yep, Ram retail orders are down 15% since the V8 drop. That’s millions upon millions in lost sales.
  9. Ford Restricting Engines for Dealer Stock

    It’s also possible there are some sort of supply chain disruptions or backordered parts and that’s the reason. I could be way off thinking it’s epa driven. Even the dealers are guessing. Speculation begins when you don’t tell them why and just say ‘restricted’. I know a few F-150 engines have...
  10. Ford Restricting Engines for Dealer Stock

    A few dealers have posted about this recently on YouTube. Ford has been acting shady about general stock trucks for the 5.0 and some dealers even claim 3.5 EB. Ford won’t let the dealers order what they want lately it seems and are telling dealers they must order the hybrid. Doesn’t sound like...
  11. 2024 Le Mans Mustang GT3 On-Board Live Cam

    Live cam from inside the 5.0 Coyote based GT3 at Le-Mans. Sounds glorious.
  12. Our Trucks Are Awesome

    Full size SUV’s drive great. I miss the balance and sex appeal of the Expedition. Love the F-150, but my critical analysis concluded the Expedition did most things more comfortably. I prefer the 5.0 V8 in the pickup truck to what the Expedition offers powertrain wise, but the 3.5 is still a...
  13. Our Trucks Are Awesome

    Trading a 5.0 V8 truck for an Explorer EcoBoost (even ST) would have been quite the downgrade, and then paying more monthly….nah. I think you made a good call. My friend had an Explorer ST, once the fun wears off you have a pretty corporatized mid size SUV. I like the Expedition better for the...
  14. FINALLY!! The Ford Performance fender vents are for sale

    Not the gen 5 Whipple units, they are pretty stealthy. It’s not like the Hellcats that are loud. The Raptor R has a very subtle whine, it almost sounds like a naturally aspirated V8.
  15. 2024 Dual Exhaust Confusion? - Lariat BAP 5.0L - 157"WB

    ^^ I didn’t even think of that, how the hell did you get BAP on a 157”?? Ford did you a favor believe it or not giving you the grille, bumpers, and mirrors :ROFLMAO:. You may have one of the rarest refreshes pumped out of the factory. I can see the guys on the line scratching their heads...
  16. 2024 Dual Exhaust Confusion? - Lariat BAP 5.0L - 157"WB

    It’s definitely the 157” wheelbase. I don’t think Fords dual setup is made for that length and it reverts to single exit from memory. Ford Accessories sells the slide on chrome tip for 100 bucks. That’s what I threw on mine.
  17. FINALLY!! The Ford Performance fender vents are for sale

    The added aerodynamics of the font are worth about 50-60 RWHP
  18. F-150 vs. new Tundra

    The 5.0L Ti-VCT V8 and 3.5L EcoBoost V6 are Fords darling engines, they’ve had issues in the runs but it’s always fixed. With evolution and updates, sometimes comes issues. The 2021+ versions have a crap load of differences from the older motors. You’d be hard pressed to find a part that...
  19. 2024 F150 - Finally arrived after 8 months - Experience weird electrical issue

    Congrats on the truck, looks beautiful. Sounds like a trip to the dealer, perhaps the interface between the air conditioner and ASS system. I am glad my 2023 came with the auto start stop deleted. Mine just idles and keeps oil pressure on the main bearings as a vehicle should at a stop light, no...
  20. F150 Learning Curve?

    I guess most disagree with me…..then again I took my drivers test in an F-350 long bed crew cab and that’s what dad taught me to drive in. To me the F-150 is a little guy.