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  1. Adding OEM skid plates to non FX4.

    Hey all, truck I'm picking up does not have skid plates. I usually order fx4s but this one checked most of my boxes with exception of skid plates. My hunting property can get nasty in some of the parts and I've been in situations where my skid plates saved my undercarriage. Anyway, is a truck...
  2. 2024 f150

  3. When are the 2024s gonna be delivered???

    I'm so pissed, truck went into production week of 1/15 as did many other people's. There's no chip holds, supply chain issue B.S. anymore so what is going on? Mine has "been in production" for weeks now.
  4. Anyone's 2024 change to "built" yet?

    Just curious, mine has been in production since Monday. Still says "in production" just curious if anybody from this week's is built? Cheers! (Go Lions)
  5. personal cash offer.

    Hey everyone, just curious if anybody got a "personal cash offer" today. I'm in the last quarter my lease is due and got $3500 above and beyond all other rebates. Anyone else?
  6. My 2024 production date pushed

    My 2024 lariat was scheduled to go into production 1/29/24, it got bumped earlier to 1/15/24. Obviously I'm not complaining. Just wondered if anyone else had this happen.
  7. Build tracker not working?

    Anyone else try the build tracker today? Not working for me.
  8. Delivery turn around from Dearborn.

    Hey all, this is more directed to anyone on here living in the Detroit area. My truck is scheduled to be built week of 10/16 at Dearborn assembly. I'm buying it through Russ milnie. Was curious as to how long people in the Detroit area are waiting for truck to get to dealer from Dearborn. Thanks...
  9. Any off-road tires that are good in the snow?

    Hello all, im looking to upgrade my tires on my 23 with 20s. Truck should be delivered soon. I want something for up north hunting property in Michigan. I want a good off road tire but one that performs well in the snow. I had duratracs years ago on a power wagon and they sucked in the snow...
  10. Status went from built to shipped to built *again*

    My truck status went from built to shipped to built again...anyone else ever have this happen?
  11. Co-pilot assist removal

    How do I know if my sticker shows if the co pilot assist is being disabled in my truck. My Blend was 3/18. Sticker says lariat/XLT co-pilot assist -250.00
  12. Shipping time

    My truck showed built 2 days ago. Coming from Kansas city to Detroit. Anyone have experience in how long after being built to be shipped from Kansas city to Detroit area? Thanks everyone
  13. What does it mean when your truck is active in my Fordpass ?

    Hey all, does anyone know what it means when your truck is active in my Ford pass ? Blend date was 3/18 and just went active.
  14. Site for module population lookup?

    Can someone provide a link to the site to see if modules populate? Thanks!
  15. Wheel swap

    Sup everyone. Have a question, would appreciate if anyone has any insight or experience. I ordered a Lariat with 18s. I'm locked in so I can't make changes. I wish I would have gotten 20s. Does anyone know if after it comes in, a dealer would "credit" the value of the 18s and tires and take that...
  16. Lariat lease rates

    Hey all, I know most people on her tend to purchase. Was curious if anyone would mind sharing what they paid for a lariat (21 or 22) i.e. money down and lease rates. Thanks!
  17. Tracking build, VIN gives no info

    My dealer gave me a VIN for a build and order number. When I use the tracker it says "can't retrieve vehicle" anyone know what this means??
  18. Wheel well liners constraint?

    I ordered a lariat with wheel well liners. I keep reading that this option is slowing production if selected? Any insight? Thanks all.
  19. Optional $295 tires

    Hey all, I have lariat FX4 ordered with 18s. I ordered optional (LT265/70R18C OWL all terrain tires A/T) for $295. I assume these are a more aggressive off road tire. Has anyone ordered these and know exactly what tire this is? Or a picture ? Website doesn't give details. Also, I wanted the 20s...
  20. Timeframe for 2022 Lariat orders?

    Hey all, ordered a 2022 lariat about 2 weeks ago. No build date yet. Anyone know of time frames for lariats? Thanks for any info.