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  1. Shelby Super Snake side skirts for RCSB's

    Found this in a FB group post for anyone that might like them. They also have the rear bumper splitters also. Reasonably priced too !! https://maxtondesignusa.net/collections/shelby-f150-super-snake/products/side-skirts-diffusers-shelby-f150-super-snake I did a little research and read a...
  2. 2024 XL RCSB vinyl floor mat retainer install

    It took me about 20-25 min to install the floor mat retainer buttons, since mine didn't come with any. If you do order the floor mats for the vinyl floor, (ML3Z-1513086-CA) it DOES come with the retainer clips/buttons the mats snap onto. It really is a simple job and the instructions...
  3. Cover for new "lid-less" center console ???

    Well, Ford removed the lid, at least on the XL RCSB's, and the neoprene cover I bought is useless. It was supposed to stretch over the lid, but alas, it's been deleted. Has anyone found any cover that works with our center console ? I just want to keep the sweat and grime from staining the...
  4. 2024 F-150 tailgate spoiler and lower / chin spoiler source--->

    Check out Armando Lopez (Mando's Paint) from Houston TX on FB ---> https://www.facebook.com/armando.lopez.39545 He is making / made a chin spoiler for the 24's as well as a tailgate spoiler. Looks much better than the Airdesigns one IMO.
  5. 2024 F-150 XL RCSB pic

    Saw this on a FB page. Looks like it's taken at the factory.
  6. Crush washer "trick"

    I bought a bag of 10 copper crush washers on Amazon so when I install an oil drain valve, I won't have to use an aluminum crush washer. After watching a video about annealing them, I decided to check to see if my new ones were pre-annealed....they were not. I tried to bend one with my fingers...
  7. Read a rumor--No RCSB 4x4 5.0 to be built....

    Saw a post on FB (........) that stated Ford will not be building any 2024 F-150 RCSB 4x4 5.0's. Sounds like they may make it with an EB ? Can anyone "in the know" confirm or deny this rumor ? I am / was really excited to get my 2024 5.0 order.