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  1. Ford Unleashes 144,000 Trucks To Dealers

    Got this from the Jerry Reynolds weekly letter for those thinking of buying soon. 144,000 new pickups heading to dealers all at once. Just when you think you’ve seen it all! Well, you have to assume this will be really good for upcoming incentives and bargains. Dealers can’t sit on these or...
  2. What Is The Best Tire Dressing?

    I can never find a tire shiner as good as dealers & Cae washes use. Can anyone offer up a product name?
  3. Using The FOB To Activate Windows?

    I read in some vehicles you can lower your windows by pressing the OPEN button on the fob then pressing again for 1o seconds. Then after the window is partially down you can lower it further by pressing again. It does not work on my truck. Has anyone tried this?
  4. California Proposal To Limit Speeds To 10 Over Speed Limits!

    Does California have ANY common sense? California bill proposes governors set to 10 mph over posted speed limit (motorauthority.com)
  5. Article On Torque Wrench Accuracy

    I thought I would pass this on because breaking off a bolt is always a pain in the rear. I worked in a calibration lab for many years. Many years ago I was listening to a morning talk show by and for auto mechanics and the general public I was shocked when a caller asked for a place where he...
  6. EV Sales Are Not Performing As Hoped - Letter To The president

    Nearly 4,000 Auto Dealers Send Letter To President Biden To Slow Down On EVs (carpro.com)
  7. Single Cab Raptor!

    I wish I had never seen this beauty!!!! (Hope this is the right location for this post) PaxPower Made A Single-Cab Ford F-150 Raptor R (musclecarsandtrucks.com)
  8. 7.5" or 8.0" Wheel Width?

    Ref. 2021 F150 XL 5.0 Reg Cab Looking up new rims I have in my info folder my wheels are 7.5" wide but the minimum I see on charts is 8.0". Comments?
  9. Wheel Skins Anyone Have Them?

    I have stock 17s an d the stock hub caps are ugly. I can spend $150 +/-for wheels skins that snap on and would look better ...maybe. Has anyone bought these skins?
  10. Passenger Side Air Bag "System"

    Why Ford has this computer based sensor system for the passenger air bag being On or Off what was so wrong with an ON/OFF button?!

    Got these today very nice and real quality. $10 Dims. 5 1/2" X 3/4" Amazon.com: 2X 5.0L Coyote V8 Emblems Side Rear Decal Fender Badge Trunk Sticker Fit For F150 Series Truck (Black) : Automotive
  12. What Does "Dumped" Mean Regarding Exhaust?

    Yesterday I hear the best sounding 2021 5.0 single cab truck ever. I chased him to ask what mufflers he had. I finally caught him at a stop light and he said it was stock but he "dumped" it. Before he could elaborate the light went green. Was he saying he installed cut outs? Trust me it was the...
  13. Computer Won't Communicate With Shop & State Computers

    I can't get an inspection sticker because my 2021 F150 XL 5.0 computer will not communicate with the other computers. I went to two different shops to get it inspected with the same problem detected. Anyone else have this happen? It goes to the dealer tomorrow.
  14. Baby Moons Hub Caps

    Anyone installed baby moon hub caps on 17 inch stock rims. If so, where did you get them? F150 XL RWD 5.0
  15. I Can't Buy The Wheels I Wanted

    The new six bolt wheels on my 2021 F150 XL have eliminated my idea of going with black old fashion style rims with baby moon hub caps and red-lined tires. I was trying to create a 1950's look as opposed to the lowered look running 20 inch wheels like everyone else in the country does. Sad...
  16. Rousch Air Intake

    Got an ad for their air intake. They want $550 yet the commercial fails to reference any hp and torque gain ranges. Save your money like $200 for equal intakes (which are a waist of money to start with.)
  17. Finishing Paste

    Just finished reading a bit on paint care and it read, " If using an orbital polisher, mount a soft foam pad and use a 60:40 mixture of finishing paste and wax. If applying wax by hand, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use a clean soft foam pad to apply the wax to the entire vehicle...
  18. Fibre Glass Beds?

    Saw a video of a wreck this morning on the local news involving a very late model F150 and the bed appeared to be 100% fiberglass. I never knew that to be the case. I can't believe any maker would do that.
  19. Ford Dealerships Not Using Motorcraft Oil?

    From Hemmings Muscle Machines magazine June 2022 issue pg 56: Asked "Ask Ray" OK to use which motor oil is recommended for the F150 Motorcraft or similar oils like Mobil 1? Answer: Although Ray uses Mobil 1 for his 2014 F150 he replied to use Motorcraft for a new one because other brands "may...
  20. No Catalytic Converter Sheilds For Ford Trucks

    I have looked everywhere in Harris County for a place that sells sheilds for cat converters with zero results. All are for Tundras and Toyota cars. Someone is missing out on a gold mine if they had some material and a few tools. With all the machine shops and metal fab shops in Houston you would...