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  1. What’s your thoughts on the truck market

    Companies, like Ford, have delved deep into the buying habits of their customers and figured out exactly how to extract the most dollars for each buying segment. Meaning the reason we are seeing some standard features move into higher trims or only with certain packages is because they know...
  2. ‘The MSRP isn’t the MSRP in our region.’

    Homie, Granger is right here on this very forum.
  3. 2024 F-150 & Tremor Refresh Reviews Are Here!

    When the high beams are on there is a gap in the light between the low and high beams. This basically casts a shadow while you’re driving at night. When you’re driving on a dirt road and the lights are bouncing around it is very distracting.
  4. 2024 F-150 & Tremor Refresh Reviews Are Here!

    The new taillight design is hideous, and the front end looks more styled, less rugged. but if the new LEDs fix the shadow issue between the low and high beams, I might be in.
  5. Raptor Style running boards installed

    Guessing China boards?
  6. Battery ready to replace after three years..?

    My 21 needed a battery replacement already. I was having all kinds of small weird electrical issues and the new battery solved them.
  7. Upfitter Switch installation

    It takes him a bit to ship. He is a really small shop, but the quality is superb. Worth the wait.
  8. 2024 - Has the 10 speed been remedied?

    I know my 21 still shifts like ass most of the time even after a warranty replacement.
  9. News release: Ford Shipping New F-150, Ranger in Unprecedented Truck Offensive

    It took me 7 months to get my 2021 order built and delivered. granted supply chains broke back then.
  10. 2025 4Runner Specs & Photos Revealed

    Bro, just be independently wealthy. It’s so easy!
  11. 2024 Rapid Red Platinum Plus Delivered

    Looks great! I am curious if Ford fixed the beam alignment with this mid cycle refresh. Few things I dislike when driving at night more than a shadow between the high and low beams like my 2021 has.
  12. Platinum Plus (photos) Agate Black

    If the light output of that new lens design is better than my 21 502a, I would consider upgrading. These LEDs are a joke, imo. Dim, horrid cutoff and shadows when in high beam is a huge distraction while driving.
  13. How’s your moonroof holding up ?

    All of the above, and the accordion side flaps keep falling off.
  14. Replaced my battery with an H8. My observations:

    Dealer ended up warrantying my battery. So while I don’t have an h8, I at least have a new battery and the little issues have gone away - like approach lighting not working, remote start not working, interior lights not coming on.
  15. California Proposal To Limit Speeds To 10 Over Speed Limits!

    It’s how it starts. Next year it will be added to school zones, then high traffic areas, then your car will simply be unable to speed.

    Can we order the bullet resistant door panels?
  17. Replaced my battery with an H8. My observations:

    I too am planning on picking up an h8 at Costco this weekend. My truck is constantly going into low power mode where remote start will not work, approach lighting doesn’t work, interior lights don’t turn on when door is opened, and more. The dealer tested the battery and said it is in spec, but...
  18. Speaker issues

    Not true. The FMC account person was very pleasant and got me connected to Ford corporate where I was given a complementary 75k/5yr Ford Premium Care Service plan for my truck woes.
  19. Speaker issues

    Do you have the “full audio” subscription enabled on your Ford Pass account?