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  1. Ford Canada EGHR notice

    I am posting this here to figure out what exactly EGHR is and if Ford Canada is trying to place a stiffer emission control device or simply trying to be proactive with a faulty part.
  2. J&L oil separator after 3 weeks!

    This is how much stuff was collected after 3 weeks/800km. Strong smell of fuel! of
  3. 3 DTCs with no check engine light!

    I was calibrating my speedometer through Forscan when I noticed I have 3 DTCs! I have no check engine light and truck seems to be running fine! P2601, U0422 and U0565. I want to have as much knowledge as possible before taking it to the dealership. I reset all of them but they keep coming back.
  4. Quickjack lift point spread

    I have a screw short box F150 and a 2020 BMW 330i. I measured the Lift point spread on F150 to be 50" and the BMW is 70". They don't have a single lift to cover both of these measurements. 6000ELX minimum and maximum lift point are 53" and 76" respectively. I measured the F150 from the arrow as...
  5. Thank you Ford!

    I just came across this in Instagram!
  6. Weigh Safe ball mount selection

    I want to get the aluminum one but not sure if 4" or 6" would be a better selection. I don't have the max-tow package and truck is levelled on LT285/65R20 tires. I don't think I would ever tow more than 5000lbs but you never know.
  7. 285/65R20 Toyo Open Country ATIII leveled on Eibach coilovers

    Finally was able to get my hands on these tires. Definitely there is a low level hum compared to Hankooks but nothing that bothers me. Speedometer is off by 2miles/hr and will be corrected through Forscan soon! I now have 4x 275/60R20 Hankook Xtreme with 12/32 thread depth. I will be listing...
  8. Felt like I got hit from behind!

    Just when I was saying I love my truck and I can’t easily be intimidated by hiccups, truck decided to be antsy with me! It drives fine at all gears and speeds but I get a kick that feels it’s coming from my rear end every time the truck leaves from a stop. The first time it happened I thought I...
  9. NOCO genius5 not charging PowerBoost

    I connected this to the truck last night and it started blinking the first light. This morning after nearly 12hrs it is still blinking the first light. Is this charger not strong enough or there are other issues at play?
  10. Eibach PRO-TRUCK-LIFT Stage 2 coilover and rear shocks

    First off, the ride is less bouncy but I am still running the standard tires and I am getting 1.5" of lift. Plan to change to LT tires which I think will firm up the ride. I completely went a different route than the instructions which was provided by Eibach. Mainly, I removed the lower control...
  11. Preferred after market 12V batteries for PB

    Are there a brand that is better than OEM for the two batteries? I had a new 2017 Land Rover which kept acting up right off the bat and dealer couldn't figure out the problem so I took to the forums and long story short, few members were pointing to the problem being caused by the battery. When...
  12. Roush intake installed on 2023 PowerBoost Platinum

    Pretty straight forward to install with basic shop tools. Took me 2.5 hours but it could've been done in half that time. Roush instructions were clear but some stuff didn't apply to my model. I have attached some pictures below with some notes on them. Number of reasons why I decided to do this...
  13. Which oil and filter is best for PowerBoost?

    I have done some reading and Amsoil and Motorcraft oil and filter keep coming up. I want to use the best oil and filter possible and appreciate some help in choosing them. I will be changing them myself. Cheers. Shane
  14. Canada Sold: 20" wheels from 2023 Platinum PB

    I am selling 4 stock wheels in exceptional condition. Some scuff marks occurred when the shop employees where removing the tires. I am sure they can be removed with some polishing. Sensors have been removed. Truck had 900miles on it when I removed these. Asking $250.00CAD for each one and price...
  15. 2023 Platinum PowerBoost w/ wheels, tires and coilover.

    Stock tires were the 275/60R20 Hankook Dynapro AT2s and stock wheels were the 20"x8.5" +44 offset Ford wheels. Total weight of each corner were roughly 81lbs. New tires are the 275/60R20 Hankook Dynapro AT2 Xtremes and new wheels are the 20"x8.5" +30 offset Fast wheels with choice of red and...