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  1. Use a touch up pen to fix scuffs?

    Several sights demand you buy their clear coat but I think it is BS for small touch ups.
  2. How do you safely remove decals and dealer emblem?

    Back in 04 I used fishing line but when you do it before you get it started do two things. First slide the line slowly back and forth and second and more important keep the line pulling toward yourself so you don't have the line rubbing on your paint.
  3. Break-In Period?

    I would not exceed 50 mph for the first 500 that per my hotrod engine builder years ago. I would change the oil as soon as you get home.
  4. First Oil Change - Brand?

    On all of my new vehicles I changed the oil at 500 miles then every 1,000 miles for the next to changes then every 5,000. I am paranoid over oils after I saw a video decades ago on metal shavings retrieved using a magnet in the bucket of used oil. Granted technology is improved over those days...
  5. Ford Protect extended warranty

    Good read from the Car Pro Are Extended Vehicle Warranties A Good Investment? (carpro.com)
  6. How to clean your F-150?

    Make damn sure your "towels" are 100% cotton if using towels. I prefer wash mits.
  7. How to clean your F-150?

    When you rinse the soap off remove the nozzle and let the water run on your paint. Use the soap according to directions, more soap is not good. Chamois the water off to dry. NEVER use a sponge as they can scratch. All coatings, waxes, polishes etc. are basically the same.
  8. Ford Unleashes 144,000 Trucks To Dealers

    Try checking with other dealers. If all are dying to get rid of this overflow it will make traveling a little further well worth it.
  9. Ford Unleashes 144,000 Trucks To Dealers

    Everyone looking should read this post!!
  10. Ford Unleashes 144,000 Trucks To Dealers

    I just got back from my Ford dealership and learned these 144,000 vehicles is real. One employee told me they are swamped. She said they get 4-5 trucks each day and at 10 AM they already had three. Their lot was shoulder-to-shoulder with new rides. If this is not a buyers dream nothing is.
  11. Scratched window

    10 years ago, I took my truck to a detailer guy that had a pneumatic buffer and buffed out an area I scratched using a nylon scrubbing pad. He buffed it for several minutes at a very high speed with acompound. This not only got the scratches out but created a spot where the glass was very much...
  12. 2024 Black Appearance Package

    Seems every vehicle everywhere is blacked out. Why be like everyone else?
  13. Ford Unleashes 144,000 Trucks To Dealers

    I was fighting a dealer on a Ram a few years ago and his last bit was I was haggling over $100. I paused staring at him and replied "You are making money while I am spending it so YOU are the one haggling over $100! Soon after two of his bosses came to me saying they would get me the price I...
  14. Ford Unleashes 144,000 Trucks To Dealers

    I beat dealers through the floor. When I broke their hearts buying my 2012 Mustang the last thing the sales rep said was "You should come to work for us." Never, ever buy when you are in dire need for a ride. Instead, toy with them like a cat with a mouse. Don't be belligerent but make them dry...
  15. Ford Unleashes 144,000 Trucks To Dealers

    Got this from the Jerry Reynolds weekly letter for those thinking of buying soon. 144,000 new pickups heading to dealers all at once. Just when you think you’ve seen it all! Well, you have to assume this will be really good for upcoming incentives and bargains. Dealers can’t sit on these or...
  16. Hail Damage to my 2023 F150

    I had a Mustang that had the rear trunk face panel needing painting. I took it to a nearby paint shop and the did it with no paperwork and a cash payment. So while CARFAX has its purpose it is not fool proof. I have used POP-A-DENT to remove small dents in my rides and those don't show up as well.
  17. Hail Damage to my 2023 F150

  18. Hail Damage to my 2023 F150

    I admire a man that holds on to his truck like it is family.
  19. Purchasing Used - Dealer Won't Provide Maintenance History

    Sitting for five months is all the red flag you need. Run away.
  20. Muffler recommendations

    Idle noise level may be important if you live in apartments or condos.