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  1. Pretty sure I need a new transmission after new shuddering issue

    I pretty much baby my truck, but have always had rough shifting in the lower gears when cold. I tried to fix this with a reset, which seemed to get rid of the worst jolts, but it still isnt good at all. Its usually 3-1 and 4-3 downshifts, but can pretty much be any gear relationship up or...
  2. Trans clunking when down shifting

    Yeah mine shifts very roughly. Its usually downshifts from 4-3 and 3-1, but can be downshifts from 6 to 5 and 5 to 4 a little less commonly. Upshifts can be rough too, but usually arent as bad. All this is GREATLY exacerbated when cold.
  3. Transmission rough shifting fix: BG low viscosity ATF fluid & conditioner + Transmission Service Kit part 6600

    That sucks about the dealer not dropping the pan. What do you have to do to get them to drop the pan and change the filter? I was kinda interested in how Mercon LV would work, but definitely would never consider being the first to jump in. I did use Lubegard platinum on mine and it maybe barely...
  4. Are Ford Executives Dumb?

    Im a firm believer in getting it right the first time. Im fine with development work getting subbed out under Fords management, but Im not okay with an SDRL that eventually leads to compatibility issues and future updates. The amount of updates a truck should receive after leaving the factory...
  5. Ceramic coating?

    Honestly, everyone should skip the ceramic coatings and even other gimmicky shit like paint sealants and waxes. Ive tried so many things at this point, but there isnt a substitute for PPF. PPF doesnt look as good, but its the ONLY thing that offers any small amount of uv protection. The bonus is...
  6. My new 2023 F-150 Rattler

    Never knew these had keys! I love the rattler and kinda wish Id been able to consider them. I thought they were discontinued after 2022? I rarely see them.
  7. 2.7 SSM 52447 Ticking/Tapping Or Rattle Type Noise From The Top Front Cover Area Of The Engine After Cold Soak

    I very rarely get that rattle too and knew it was the cam phasers, but I dont actually think this harms anything. If for any reason at all someone can tell me otherwise, I think I might be okay with it? idk. Im more bothered by the 3rd and 4th gear relationship.
  8. MF%$&*(%#@%*! Squirrels

    Airguns can get really quiet. I have a rabbit problem that Ive been very successful with. Never had any wires chewed up though. If not an airgun, maybe a trap or something could work. Use a rat trap with a peanut on it? Hell, I even got one with a homemade bow. Be extremely careful. Even with...
  9. F-450 80 MPH with no driver

    So it's just relying on the lane keeping and cruise control? We have to go back
  10. 10R80 harsh downshifts normal or should I have the dealer tinker with it?

    I'm starting to think they're all intermittently clunky. Was this after the recent OTA update that touched the PCM? My truck (06/22 date) still seems a tad clunky even after the last update. Not acceptable to me, but if that's what they all are like then I'll have to be fine with it.
  11. OTA update wiped tune

    Right, but why did the automatic transmissions in every other car I've ever had work perfectly from day one with no updates? Why did it take literally half a decade to get the shifting right on these 10r80s? How did Ford do it right way back in the 90s with the ford explorer I used to have...
  12. OTA update wiped tune

    So does anyone actually know what the PCM update is doing in terms of details? I'd imagine that Ford releasing an update to critical hardware impacting components is basically an admission that your truck has been operating either suboptimally at best or poorly enough to damage itself at worst.
  13. Tunes are getting erased by Ford

    Does this mean that last update changes the engine and transmission behavior?
  14. Are you trading your 21-23 for. 24+?

    I wouldn't imagine anyone is doing this. Bad financial sense, bad facelift, bad financing now. Then again, there's people lowering trucks and trying to make them "fast". Anything's possible.
  15. F-150 vs. new Tundra

    There's many design issues with the tundra, most of which have already been mentioned with the bed and the rear floor and tailgate. The front and rear lights are hideous. The general body lines look like chat gpt made a yeezy truck- just fuk ugly. The engine underperforms, which is insult to...
  16. What universe is Farley living in

    I saw my first 2024 F150 only last week and have only seen one other since. I have yet to see the new ranger that seems like it was supposed to be here a year ago. That's a major loss of revenue and something Farley is responsible for again. That said, I think Farley is making better...
  17. 24 grill/front end vs 23

    Welcome to the party pal. The 24s look awful until you hit lariat.
  18. Alarm Missing?

    I'm seeing some posts about the alarms going off and people showing alarm security settings both on the infotainment and in the app. I checked out my truck (XLT 302a) yesterday and didn't see anything alarm related in the vehicle settings on the infotainment. I checked out the app today and the...
  19. How does the EPA rating scheme work?

    I guess you could math out the load produced by drag and apply that to the dyno.