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  1. Swapping the Lariat rear bumper for the Tremor rear bumper

    Has anyone done this swap with a PB now that you can get a PB/BAP with duals?
  2. BAP Dual Exhaust Conversion - Help

    This link was for doing the conversion with an EB and not PB, did you do yours with a PB? I haven't seen anyone do the conversion yet.
  3. '23 PB BAP come with duals?

    Has anyone done a parts list? I'd like to convert mine.
  4. 2022 keyless entry pad flashing randomly

    My 22 just started doing the same thing, I had washed the truck a couple days ago and it's been in the constant rain for the past three days
  5. Tremor/BAP part numbers

    Should have holes for heat extraction though. Don’t know if I got the balls to drill into mine, lol
  6. Catch Can?

    Holy Sh** I’ve never seen that much come out of a catch can that quickly. Cold weather/short drives? My PB barely covers the bottom of the catch can every 1,500 miles.
  7. Catch Can?

    It is the same motor indeed. From what I’ve seen, and I could be WAY off here, but I have some routes that my ICE motor may be off for 3-4 miles and I’ve seen my coolant drop nearly 40* (180-140ish). In my mind it would make sense that all the coolers are seeing similar drops and you’d have a...
  8. Catch Can?

    My interests are piqued, what are the problems a poorly designed one could cause? I didn’t run one on my 18 EB but on my PB with the crazy temperature swings I see sometimes running with the engine off I decided to install a JLT. I collected about a tablespoon in the first 1500 so nothing too...
  9. Oil Analysis at 7k miles (EcoBoost V6)

    Worst additive packages out there? It’s regularly rated/tests as the or one of the top oils alongside Penzoil Ultra Platinum, Mobil 1 EP, Redline, and other higher end oils. I get it that it’s expensive and probably not a good value but it’s not bad oil by any means.
  10. '23 PB BAP come with duals?

    Sounds like it’s time to get ready to buy some parts!
  11. F150 Powerboost Axle bolt sheared off

    Thank you, ordering some to keep in the truck for road trips...
  12. Diode Dynamics F-150 SEMA Recap 2022 | Rock Lights, HitchMount LED Pod, Max Laser LED Pods, and Elite Series Headlights!

    How bright are those fog lights? They look like there's 3 LED's in there? The stock ones just aren't that bright, even after adjusting them up.
  13. Livernois tuner for Powerboost?

    That’s moving. What was the DA/Temp like? Did you launch in AWD I assume?
  14. Diamondback Bed Cover

    Mine too is great. I don’t even have the seals very stiffly squished and no water is getting in from the outside at all.
  15. Raptor Steering wheel Part Number Needed!

    Do all high Plats have adaptive steering? I have BluCruise, etc so I'm assuming yes? The one item I don't like about my truck is how inconvenient it is lock out gear or shift manually versus my 18 so I'd like to do the paddles
  16. BAP wheels with non-factory tires?

    17 reply’s and no one has actually answered what the OP had asked for, lol
  17. Nitto Recon Grappler 315/60/20 Non-LT tires now available

    What brand/type of tire is it?
  18. 12v Power For Trailer While Towing

    Since you're not going to be pulling that much juice I'd just run a normal extension cord from the propower and into the trailer for a long trip. It's always great to show up with everything topped off.
  19. Can anyone tell me what this is (part failure on axle)......?

    I have a long road trip coming up, does anyone think it would be a good idea to replace these bolts before the trip?