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  1. OEM running board hardware part number

    Does anyone know the part number for the nuts to attach running board brackets to the body of the truck? I've found two different part numbers, but it doesn't really seem like there is a difference between them. Thanks for any help. W700069-S442 W706840-S440
  2. Setting the Fuel Economy indicator to a certain value?

    Is there any way to set the "Fuel Economy" number to a certain value with Forscan? Last night after I filled up, I accidentally reset the "Fuel Economy", and not "Trip 2" screen, so now I no longer have the lifetime average mileage for the truck. Wondering if there is any way to get that back...
  3. Airflow Not Coming out of Correct Vents?

    Tried to search through the forum to see if anyone else has encountered this, but no luck yet. Perhaps just the wrong search terms. Yesterday evening when driving home, it had just rained for the first time in a while so was extremely humid, and I noticed that the outside of my windshield right...
  4. Auto fold tow mirrors not opening completely

    Had this happen three times now in the past few weeks, twice today. Today the driver's side mirror did not open all the way. Unlocked the truck to leave work this evening, and the driver side mirror stopped at about 25% open. Locked the truck, they folded in. Unlocked again, and driver side...
  5. Tremor Running Board Question

    Anyone willing to take a few photos/measurements of how much dropdown there is between the top of the door sill, bottom of the cab, etc. and the factory Tremor boards? Really like the way the look, but looking for some specs/info on them before ordering a set for my Lariat. Thanks!
  6. Stone Gray Running Boards?

    Anyone have these running boards? I'm interested in seeing what they look like, and what part of them is stone gray. None of the online parts dealers have images other than the black and white exploded views. P/N: ML3Z16450TA (Right), ML3Z16451TA (Left)...
  7. accessories.ford.com website login?

    I'm having issues logging in to the accessories.ford.com site. I've reached out to customer support through ford.com (as the chat function doesn't work from the accessories site), and was told that the same account login info should be used for "accessories.ford.com" that is used to log in at...