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  1. My F-150 ownership was short lived

    We have 7.3 gassers in our ambulance fleet of E450's. As you can imagine in an ambulance, they get beat. 0-Governor as soon as the cold motor can get you there. We've had zero issues. I'd prefer the 6.7 diesel, but as a 10k option, we can literally replace a motor cheaper if need be, and...
  2. Toyo Open Country AT3 - P vs LT?

    Method 316 Matte Black: 18x9 +18 Toyo ATIII 265/70R18
  3. A Coyote can sip fuel!

    There are a lot of factors that come into play. The 5.0 has cylinder deactivation which helps it a lot. However, it also depends on the route, speeds, and weather. My powerboost on open highway will pull 27-31 depending on speed and weather.
  4. 2024 F-150 STX Real-Life Photos from Dealership Lots

    The STX would be perfect for me, I'm not one for bougie creature comforts versus simple. However, no more PB in under an XLT trim means I'll keep my '22.
  5. Worst Oil Thread Ever - The BakeOff

    Neither can maintain grade for under 5k, pass.
  6. 3.5EB Teardown, Customer didnt change oil.

    Rebuilt motor. Fairly confident Ford motors dont come factory with Manley pistons. Built, then beat…
  7. 2024 F-150 Order Guide (Updated with JOB 2 Guide)

    No PB in anything under an XLT. No thanks.
  8. My 5.0 V8 Dipstick level at a 6,000 mile oil change

    I'll be the irresponsible one, I've never checked my dipstick. However, I change my oil every 3k and it always fills up the 6qts with used oil. That being said, depending on your motor and sump capacity, I wouldn't be too concerned if it is the 5.0L
  9. $500 Farm Bureau Certificate

    This is so true! They advertise all of them, even include them in the discounted price, but you can only use one. I take whichever is higher of course.
  10. Toyo Open Country AT3 - P vs LT?

    I like then just fine.
  11. Ram Hurricane HO

    So twin turbo a 300-6 in the next Gen...?
  12. Falken Wildpeak A/T4W Tires | NOW Available at DTC

    Yes, took off the Falkens and went to Toyo.
  13. Falken Wildpeak A/T4W Tires | NOW Available at DTC

    Heavy AF and $$$. DTC is swapping my AT3W’s to AT III’s tomorrow.
  14. Toyo Open Country AT3 - P vs LT?

    Have Falken Wildpeaks and theyre coming off Friday and being replaced with AT3's. The wear has been good, but theyre heavy. Even an SL that I run is 51 lbs. Going to another SL, but AT3 only 44lbs, granted there is a small width difference, but same height. I ran the Falkens in some slick...
  15. Wildpeak vs. Grabber A/TX

    Late to the party here, but they make a 285/65R18 SL Wildpeak. Its what I’m running for now. No issues, but they wont get replaced, just want something different.
  16. Leveling 2022 ford f150 limited?

    Ahhhh CCD. Readylift puck level.
  17. How often do you change your cabin air filter?

    Had one in my '20, '21, and both my '22's. I change em whenever they look bad, usually every six months.
  18. Leveling 2022 ford f150 limited?

    Depends on the level. I used the 2" '15-20 Fox 2.0 Level, no rake.
  19. It's settled. This part causes flat tires. Pics.

    You're a blessed man @Snakebitten, just a beautiful sight.