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  1. Grabber ATX or Discoverer AT3 4S?

    I'm sure this has been asked in various forms, but I need to replace my stock Wranglers. I have an F-150 FX4 s-crew 5.0. I only drive 10,000 miles/year. The truck is basically a daily driver, no towing, fairly light loads. I live in the hills of southwestern PA, and while we don't get many deep...
  2. Building a Psuedo-Tremor

    Good morning, all. Apologies if this has been asked. I would like to trade my 2020 F-150 s-crew 5.0 FX4 for a new Tremor with the High package. But the reality is, I have a low buy-out for the lease; it only has 17,000 miles; has been flawless; and most of all, the price of the new Tremors (and...
  3. Will We Ever See a 2.7 Poweboost?

    The 3.5 Powerboost is an obvious winner. I wonder if Ford considered, or would consider, hybridizing the 2.7? It's a stout little engine and I would have to believe MPGs could reach the upper 20's.
  4. Stall - "Auto Start/Stop"

    I have a 2020 F-150 5.0 FX4 screw with 11,000 flawless miles. When I started the truck tonight, I turned off the auto stop/start like I always do. I drove approx 3 miles, and slowed down to make a 90-degree left-hand turn. I never stopped moving. In the middle of the turn, the truck just died...