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  1. 3.0 Diesel and High Mileage

    Any one have problems with high mileage with the 3.0 diesel? My service writer at my dealership told me he has seen some problems with high mileage on the 3.0 diesels. I have also been told by a parts salesman that very few people every come in for parts as the 3.0 diesel doesn't have much trouble.
  2. 3.0 Diesel Returning to 2023 F150?

    Got a email from my Ford dealer about the 2023 F150 and one of the engines available for 2023 will be a 3.0 diesel. Anyone know anything about this? I never thought that Ford should discontinue the 3.0 diesel as the other two competitors still have a diesel in their half ton pickup line.
  3. Airlift Airbags on Lariat

    Need help on installing Airlift airbags on my Lariat. If you have any suggestions or advice on how to do this with the auto leveling arm on the driver side leave spring that would be helpful. Any pictures would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. Installing Onboard Scale?

    Is it possible to add the onboard Scale to your truck if it didn't come with it? I took delivery of my truck on 4/2021 and I was told it wasn't till 7/2021 when it was available.
  5. 3.0 diesel and the PowerBoost

    Can anyone shed some light when comparing the two engines 3.0 diesel and the Powerboost in the F150 on fuel mileage?
  6. Why a delay on the 3.0 diesel

    Why is there a delay on the 3.0 diesel? Could it be possible that the engine will be upgraded on hp and torque?