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  1. 2024 Le Mans Mustang GT3 On-Board Live Cam

    Awesome! Just watched Ford vs. Ferrari earlier this week so I’m in the mood!
  2. "Well I know you fell Jeff!"

    “You dented the f*ck out of your truck” lol…That quarter panel never stood a chance against his head.
  3. Powerboost Owner Tips!

    Yes! Had a '91 300ZXTT for about 15 years that ran 12's all day....Not too bad for that era....Always wanted the Supra TT- but too rich for my blood- and they've only increased in value over the years.
  4. Phantom update notification.

    Yep, what’s annoying is they didn’t START for me until this latest round of updates. Happens weekly now, with the screen freezing at least once or twice a week as well.
  5. "Vehicle Unblocked" pop up message?

    Yep, I got it a couple days in a row- always in the afternoon coming home from work- but that was a couple weeks ago and I haven't seen it since. This all occurred after the SSN update.
  6. Mysterious windshield feature

    That looks like the mounting spot for the deleted advanced security pack module on some 22-23’s (including my own).
  7. Powerboost, Tire Size, Lariat vs XLT Question

    That was sarcasm I think….
  8. What tools do you keep in your truck?

    True- but Ford’s offering 20% off and Rakuten is running another 25% off of Ford parts for new members (it’s a cash back thing after purchase)- so I got it for a little over $200- still too high, but it’s a nice set.
  9. BAK Revolver X4S-T Quick Review: AVOID

    I’ve got the Peragon HDx in matte black. Love it. Retail is a little pricey at $1400 (when I bought mine)- but it’s easy to get $250 off. I’ve had mine a little over a year- not completely water tight, but pretty close. Easy to remove as well.
  10. Factory Wheels with Aftermarket Tire Thread

    That’s 21-25 pounds more per corner for an additional 80-100 lbs. of additional unsprung weight; will definitely effect both mileage (which you don’t care about) and “performance”- but with that much low end torque you may not notice it as much.
  11. Tire size for more sidewall?

    275/65/20 Nitto Recon Grapplers. Stock suspension- no rubbing:
  12. Husky Floor Liners Ordering Question

  13. The Scarlet Scorcher

    Yep, two 70 pound dogs trying to beat the crap out of these for over a year and nary a scratch. Best $190 I’ve ever spent. TuxMats are the real deal…. Even if they are made in China (that part does suck).
  14. 2 different cooling circuits

    They both start out yellow but experience different heating cycles as noted above.
  15. Nitto Recon Grappler 275/65R20 (SL) - long term review(in progress)

    Really well- not as good as a dedicated snow tire- but honestly better than I expected. Alternating between 4A and then 4H when road conditions got worse, they were very stable- no sliding during acceleration, and only a little bit when breaking hard- just to test them out. We got 3 inches of...
  16. Any good experiences from PowerBoost owners

    '23 Powerboost with 15k miles- no issues so far- and easily the most well rounded vehicle I have ever owned while still getting 22 mpg.
  17. Help with buying used 21-23 Tremor

    I'd agree that $63 for a '23 Tremor with 10k miles (depending on how it's optioned) isn't a great deal. I would think $55-$60k would be reasonable- but I expect lack of inventory might hurt you a bit when looking for a Tremor as well. I'm betting you might be able to build a '24 Tremor and...
  18. Custom Built Adventure Package

    Sounds like a blast! …and if you’ve got a PB you can sleep in air conditioned bliss if it gets hot!