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  1. F-150 Tremor Skid plate installed

    So I picked up some acetone and had a quick go at it and it literally just wiped off. No elbow grease required. I’m surprised how easily it comes off and it makes me question what kind of cheap paint ford just half assed over the silver. This is good news for the guys who already mounted theirs...
  2. Raptor 37x12.5x17 takeoffs on lifted f150?

    3.5, 3.55 gears, 35x12.5 tires, a topper and a bed full of tools and she pulls with no hesitation. I’m actually impressed with how much performance I didn’t lose! I’m at 17.5 mpg but it’s winter fuel and my truck idles for about an hour everyday. Take that for what it’s worth.
  3. F-150 Tremor Skid plate installed

    Got some blacked out emblems in the mail today to go along with it. I figured if I’m taking the front end apart it’d probably be a good time to swap them. I’ve been so busy at work that I forgot I even ordered them until they showed up, bonus!
  4. Ford Performance vs Bilstein 6112/5160 leveling kit

    Powerboosts ride lop-sided with a lean? That a first that I’ve heard of that. I think the old model tundra was the same way though
  5. CV Axle and wheel hub junction grease leakage, broken plastic?

    That plastic is not broken, it’s made that way, don’t ask me why. I had the same concern a few months back and posted a thread on here. If you google that part you will see it.
  6. Price Breakdown Sheet from Dealer.....Wrote MSRP $2000 More than Window Sticker...Kind of Confused

    They are just trying to sneak that extra 2k in, sad but very common. You can call them out on it and they will adjust but they will likely try to sneak it back under financing etc. you really gotta stay sharp and look at everything
  7. F-150 Tremor Skid plate installed

    So interesting find today… the upper black piece that I was planning on painting came dinged up with some scratches. I started lightly scratching at it with my fingernail and the black paint started coming off like one of those scratch off lottery tickets exposing a metallic silver paint...
  8. 33x12.5's rubbing on upper control arm... what are my options

    Get the smallest spacer you can if you’re not wanting more offset. Someone posted a link recently to some 5mm hub centric spacers, I think they were on Amazon if you search for it
  9. F-150 Tremor Skid plate installed

    Dirty black! I don’t have the time or patience to keep this thing sparkling
  10. F-150 Tremor Skid plate installed

    Just got my skid plate in the mail, now to decide on a color. I might just rattle can it all a dark grey
  11. Icon 21-23 FORD F150 4WD 3.5-4.5" STAGE 1 -- installed photos

    That new knuckle is supposed to help with this, so not necessarily true, but looks like we’ll never know!
  12. Icon 21-23 FORD F150 4WD 3.5-4.5" STAGE 1 -- installed photos

    We’ve asked several times, don’t think it’s going to happen
  13. 295/65/20 tires w/ +1 offset wheels and level....maybe...hopefully...

    A 295/60/20 will look wider and has a wider tread width than its equivalent in 295/70/18. It’s not a lot but it is noticeable and makes the latter look skinnier on the truck. Just something to think about when you switch wheels if that wide tire look is what you’re after.
  14. 37’s on factory wheels with only a level?

    Turn your wheels and measure your clearance. You can spread your crash bars and get another .75” clearance front and back.
  15. F-150 Tremor Skid plate installed

    I’m usually beat at the end of the week but a 2.5hr job is easily doable for a weekend and tempting! Is the bumper removal doable by yourself or do you need a helper?
  16. Icon 21-23 FORD F150 4WD 3.5-4.5" STAGE 1 -- installed photos

    There’s a thread on the tremor forum that goes into it more. My understanding is that the knuckle does not provide any lift but rather slightly moves the location of the hub in relation to everything else to lessen the cv angle. The difference vs a regular knuckle are minor but someone took...
  17. Icon 21-23 FORD F150 4WD 3.5-4.5" STAGE 1 -- installed photos

    How about those cv angle pics? I almost went this route about a month ago but for a lack of information aside from “looks good” and “rides good” reviews I went with the 6112 instead. Can’t complain though as it got me about 3”
  18. Need opinions on a 2023 Tremor Hood Paint concern

    Did you try a clay bar? Maybe it’s just surface contaminants
  19. Ford Performance Kit vs Bilstein 6112/5160. Is it worth it?

    I recently ditched my fox 2.0 for the 6112. More control, better at absorbing bumps and hits, just so much better all around. I got 2.5”+ on my 3.5 and a very comfortable ride. My fox’s were under 2” initially and I adjusted them up to 2. The ride was very jittery.
  20. Icon 21-23 FORD F150 4WD 3.5-4.5" STAGE 1 -- installed photos

    I’m curious how much down travel is left at the wheel