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  1. Max Recline Seats (why?)

    If I don’t plan to ever sleep in the truck, is there any point in upgrading to max recline?
  2. Platinum Plus (photos) Agate Black

    This was taken at a dealership in Texas. The blend date is March 7th. I felt compelled to share since the 703A Platinum Plus is less common than other models. While I know there are many BAP fans on here, I'm interested to hear your thoughts. This is the window sticker. For the record this is...
  3. What would you do?

    Hey everyone, I'm in a bit of a dilemma and could use some advice. I placed an order for a truck with my dealer. However, they made a mistake and included three years of Blue Cruise, which apparently can't be removed. The truck has been built and is offsite in Kansas City. I have a $1,000...
  4. Mid Cycle Refresh? What's next? Timeline

    Could anyone share insights on the typical timeline for the next exterior update? I understand that the 2024 model year has given us an exterior redesign - and some notable improvements on the interior as well. Additionally, what's the expected timeline for a more drastic interior overhaul?
  5. Is CCD a noticeably smoother ride?

    The highest trim packages have continuous controlled dampening. Does this result in a noticeably smoother ride? I’ve never been in a vehicle with it.
  6. Front License Plate Reduces Performance?

    This video states that a centered plate restricts airflow to intercooler - affecting performance. Is there a good arguemnt for relocating the front license plate to the side? I like the aesthetics of keeping it centered but a performance improvement is pretty compelling.
  7. Heads Up Display (HUD) and windshield tint

    Will windshield window tint create a problem with heads up display? I’m thinking of doing a 50% windshield tint. Also, should I be concerned that the water required for tint installation might damage my dash electronics?
  8. Surprise? Job 1 Order Shows Pro Access Tailgate on Order Status Tracker

    Heads up - the image displayed on the status tracker doesn't match the build specs.
  9. Why is Ford pushing BAP?

    Could someone provide insights into why Ford is focusing on the black appearance package? Is there a financial incentive for Ford to promote the BAP, or is this trend driven by consumer demand? If consumer preferences are the driving force, what explains the high demand for this option?
  10. Will Pro Access Tailgate Increase Prices Further?

    How much will the price go up on Job 2 orders with the Pro Access Tailgate (PAT)?
  11. 2024 - What replaces Pro-Access tailgate on early builds?

    Can anyone direct me to communication from Ford regarding the Pro Access tailgate? It's very misleading to showcase the Pro Access, discuss it being standard on the 703A Platinum Plus in interviews, and allow your customers to have expectations of being able to get it on the 2024 F-150. Whether...