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  1. Loadd canvas bed extender

    Did you end up getting one? Hauled some 12' 2x12s on Saturday and this would've been very helpful. Could see using it with kayaks as well.
  2. Straps and anything else?

    Anyone recommending items have any experience with something like this? https://loadd.co/collections/bed-extenders/products/sheett-canvas-bed-extender I hauled some 12' 2x12s on Saturday with the tailgate down and they were barely hanging in there. Could see this being useful for kayaks as well...
  3. Paying for Nav ??

    Is there a way to remove the NAV icon on the sync screen and replace it with another favorite? Perhaps through forscan?
  4. Never let your PB sit for more than a few days or the software goes weird, I guess

    Why does OP have the picture of a ford lightning in his FordPass but is asking about a Hybrid?
  5. Straps and anything else?

    There is not much turbulence in the bed of a pickup. Put them up against the cab, throw a ratcheting bar behind them and drive wherever you need to.
  6. First camper stupid questions

    looks like the towing calculator on fords website (not in the app)
  7. First camper stupid questions

    It also looks like that tool is limiting your trailer weight based on your leftover available payload. Payloads are the real killers of our towing capacity.
  8. First camper stupid questions

    At 7k pounds you will likely need a weight distribution hitch. I believe all f150s are limited to 500 tongue weight and 5000lbs pulling with a conventional hitch. check the tires, brakes, and wheel bearings before you tow any great distance. I have a very hard time believing any campgrounds...
  9. Mostplus Tonneau Cover

    fits great. Everything is sealed up well.
  10. Newly Designed FordPass 5.0 App®: What to Know

    Just tried zone lighting on my iPhone (old app version) and it still works as intended. PPoB doesn’t show anything but I don’t have it turned on.
  11. Mostplus Tonneau Cover

    about a year now? No problems other than a small part of the seal tore when I tried to pick some ice off of it. But I don’t blame the cover for that. Otherwise it’s fantastic. I do wish the first fold point had a latch though. I don’t think it does because of the way the leer unlocks. Push tabs...
  12. Mostplus Tonneau Cover

    my point being if you think a cover by mostplus vs an established brand are the same cover, they’re fersure not
  13. Mostplus Tonneau Cover

    For the most part. I've opened my tailgate before and found some water has leaked in from the seal at the tailgate but its never gotten anything wet. Just the bed floor a little. I do only put stuff in the back that I would be ok with getting a little water on on the off chance it happens. I...
  14. Mostplus Tonneau Cover

    Sure thing. Lots of people like BAK MX4, and I have and like the folding LEER HF650, but they are definitely pricey.
  15. Mostplus Tonneau Cover

    I'd shy away from anything that isn't name brand. "MOSTPLUS" fits the random Chinese company name generator. The company also has text on their pictures and there are several misspellings, it's guaranteed straight from China and probably wont be a company in 2-3 years.
  16. New shoes arrived! Nitro Recon Grapplers 275/65R20

    How's your MPG compare before lift/tires and after?
  17. New shoes arrived! Nitro Recon Grapplers 275/65R20

    Which sidewall did you end up going with? I'll need to replace my 285/65 KO2s before this next winter
  18. Newly Designed FordPass 5.0 App®: What to Know

    Ah, you are correct. Since I saw his comment at the top, I figured he was the OP. Deleting whoever's stuff I posted. Brandon is also working on an app and some widgets as well. Unfortunately for our android friends, he is only developing for iOS.
  19. Newly Designed FordPass 5.0 App®: What to Know

    Fordpass V5 definitely sucks. Glad I didnt click update all apps and screw myself when they released it. There is a guy that has a bunch of shortcuts for different ford vehicles. Edited: see post 230 below He is very quick to fix them when Ford changes their API ever so slightly.
  20. Ford Pass v5 - now available

    Wouldnt you know it there is. https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/newly-designed-fordpass-app%C2%AE-what-to-know.24584/