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  1. KO3 vs KO2 Tires Comparison - Side by Side Look + Technical Analysis

    Does it say 3 ply sidewall on the P rated version? Mine still has the 3 peak snow and ice rating and a 3 ply sidewall for puncture resistance. The tire weighs 69 lbs. :)
  2. KO3 vs KO2 Tires Comparison - Side by Side Look + Technical Analysis

    I have the LT 295/70R18. They are a much stiffer tire designed more for 1 ton trucks but I really like the ride and the more stable feel between trips. I bet the P series rides better but I would not shy away from the LT tire. Its still very happy on a daily driver.
  3. What tools do you keep in your truck?

    I have put about 1200 miles on my truck in 3 months. Sadly I dont get out much but I spend a lot of time in hotels, airplanes, and at home. My packout is paid services for everything I need these days. If I need something its going to be provided by my insurance, travel insurance, my company, or...
  4. KO3 vs KO2 Tires Comparison - Side by Side Look + Technical Analysis

    I hate to turn this into a tire debate but it seems I am just as on board with the comments here as anyone else. I recall having the been in the market for the original BFG All Terrain before all this K series tire stuff... Long time K02 buyer and had two sets of KM3s. Always been a BFG fan but...
  5. Factory Wheels with Aftermarket Tire Thread

    THanks for the pictures! 285 and 295 look best on OEMs really to fill out the wheel well and offer stability due to the E rating and towing. Truck feels completly different from the squirley pizza cutter tires. On OEM wheels 285 and 295 really should be the way to go. They naturally give a more...
  6. Directional fuel line.....did y'all know this???

    I dont have facebook but I did see that on Youtube. The flying wrenches guy is awesome. Admits to mistakes and lets other know that could possibly make the same mistakes. Very cool guy.
  7. NHTSA opens investigation on Fords Bluecruise

    I purposely avoided Blues Clues. 🐶 The product is just not ready for an immature public that litigates everyone else for their failure to understand technology and live within those requirements. Present company excluded of course. ;)
  8. Gandalf The White - 75th Year Anniversary Edition

    Put this fumoto valve on. Part Number F107N aka F137N. You will need a 19MM Open ended wrench to install. Use directions below. The stock oil plug is 15MM. Buy it here. https://amzn.to/3QjMFT1 F107N vs F137N according to Fumoto. F137N supersedes F107N. It features a larger internal orifice...
  9. 24-PU0227-VI-RBS loaded yesterday

    My truck was parked for 2 weeks. Went out today to change the oil and this popped up when I reset the oil life monitor. I too have nothing to add to this thread. Lol 23 NO powerboost Just the 5.0 XLT
  10. Gandalf The White - 75th Year Anniversary Edition

    Took some pics of the truck for submission to my insurance. Getting additional coverage on the wheel tire and Fox suspension package.
  11. Gandalf The White - 75th Year Anniversary Edition

    Just hit 1000 miles of me owning it 3000 miles total. It has 1900 miles when I bought it but was still new. Time for an oil change. I bought a Fumoto Valve so when that comes in I'll do the oil change. Ford Motorcraft 5W-30 5 Quarts https://amzn.to/3JwHIm2 Ford Motorcraft 5W-30 1 Quart...
  12. FX4 vs Fox 2.0 Suspension

    I love them as much if not more than my bfg all terrains. I have a lot of tires over the years, bfg, maxxis, many cooper at3 and stt pro, general grabber, and now falken. I feel like all of them had their strengths but only my recent falken purchase has great onroad and offroad manners while...
  13. FX4 vs Fox 2.0 Suspension

    With less than 300 miles on my truck I installed the fox suspension. Best bang for your buck in suspension mods. The stock shocks are soft and uncontrolled.
  14. Falken Wildpeak A/T4W Tires | NOW Available at DTC

    If you were on the fence. Jump down and get these. 295/70R18. This is the first thing I bought after buying a new truck. The stock Michelin tires are paper thin.
  15. Ford Used Leftover 2020 wheels as spare tires?

    I thought I read you could get a 35 inch tire under there with no problem 295/70R18 or 20
  16. My first tank of e85, wow

    Our trucks require a fill up sequence. That means when you open the gas door. The truck senses that and does a recalcuation based on fuel put in the truck. This stops fuel trims and dials in the fuel burn back to stoich. This process requires the PCM to do this at every fill up. If that ability...
  17. My first tank of e85, wow

    all trucks have to be ethanol compatible because all pumps have e10 now. I imagine that the capability will be in the software but may need to be enabled with forscan. Its just dumb because few will take the time to find that info and even fewer people will use E85. I only have two pumps in my...
  18. My first tank of e85, wow

    What is up with Ford lately? The 24 seems like a downgrade in many ways to the 21 to 23
  19. Hail Damage to my 2023 F150

    Are you all finding that PDR is useless on aluminum bodies? One they should dent less in hail as aluminum is more dent resistant than steel; however, once the dent is there the paint will not hold to the shape and will peel over time.