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  1. How does Blue Cruise driving technology work with no subscription?

    The lane changes are smooth as silk with BC. I can't say enough about how much more grounded and stable it feels than 1.0. I drove 1,200 miles to get here (Traverse City). I bet BC was enabled on over 1,000 miles of that. Only the last road did not have it. That and the massage seats made it a...
  2. How does Blue Cruise driving technology work with no subscription?

    Yeah, I'm in the midst of a road trip from DFW to Traverse City, MI. I have basically been on BC the whole time. Now that I get the lane changes, it is a massive improvement over 1.0. I will probably log over 1,000 miles on BC on this round trip.
  3. How does Blue Cruise driving technology work with no subscription?

    My 2024 King Ranch has I believe BC 1.3 on it (might be 1.4). I drove it back from Salina, KS to DFW mostly on BC. It is a major improvement over my BC 1.0 in my Platinum. As far as the lane change, I did not have that enabled, but it still tells you that a lane change is available and unlike...
  4. 2024 F-150 Scheduling This Week (6/13/24) for Production Week 7/29

    Technically, it is not a BAP. The 701 and 702 Platinum trims are blacked out standard, so not a BAP package - and do not carry the duals.
  5. Wessermgm 2024 King Ranch Build

    Mine was $1,400 installed by the Dealer. I think 4WP would charge about $1,500 for the BAK installed. This way it was all part of the transaction as well.
  6. Wessermgm 2024 King Ranch Build

    Yes. It is a Ford branded hard rolling cover akin to the Bak Revolver.
  7. Wessermgm 2024 King Ranch Build

    I have been enjoying learning my Powerboost. I might start a thread on it later. There is a learning curve, but I think I am getting the hang of it and I drove 12.6 miles last night with 6.8 electric miles. I thought that was pretty good!
  8. Wessermgm 2024 King Ranch Build

    I still have my factory ones from the last truck. I could have put them in, but I wanted a better color match to the King.
  9. Wessermgm 2024 King Ranch Build

    I measured it at 3 15/16" inches wide and 4 1/4" inches high. TBF, I had to use a hard ruler as my neighbor has my tape measure.
  10. PowerBoost AC only works when engine is on

    In my '24 the AC works in electric mode. There is a clear issue here.
  11. Wessermgm 2024 King Ranch Build

    And the first mod is... removal of the very cool, but very carpeted KR floor mats: Replaced with the WeatherTech HP FloorLiner (2nd Gen) in Cocoa: All fit perfectly and the color is a pretty good match for the KR. I will keep my carpet ones for when I am picking up clients. This is...
  12. Wessermgm 2024 King Ranch Build

    Well, a lot of you watched my failed effort to get a 2024 KR built by Ford. After nine months of waiting and still not scheduled as of Thursday, I took a deal from Long McArthur Ford out of Salina, KS - home of Ford Video Guy, Tim Bartz. I have bought from Granger on a special order before and...
  13. Work Surface Usage

    I would choose to not have it if it wasn't standard. Damn thing rattled pretty bad on my Platinum. I used it maybe 5-7 times in over two years. One of the reasons I wanted to trade out my 22 was the work surface rattle. Just another relatively heavy, hinged feature that over time doesn't seat...
  14. 2024 F-150 Scheduling This Week (6/6/24) for Production Week 7/22

    I think there will be big price changes for 2025. Despite the fact that almost everyone on this board recognized very quickly that the KR was a value for the high trims, Ford did not seem to think that KR would represent any more of their orders than before. I think this is playing a big role in...
  15. 2024 F-150 Scheduling This Week (6/6/24) for Production Week 7/22

    They have insufficient supplies for the HUD, the PAT, the BAP and onboard scales. Basically everything all King Ranch and Plats and many 502a. It is a joke how few of these Job 2s have actually scheduled. It's like they managed to make about 100 pro access tailgates and then ran out.
  16. Left Behind: The Pro Access Tailgate Holdouts

    Man, I understand. I still checked to see my order was going to get scheduled (not) right before I cancelled it.
  17. 4% Under Invoice on any 2024 F-150 Order at Granger Ford

    I ordered one on 10/13, still not scheduled.