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  1. How to disable auto rear brakes?

    I have a hitch mount bike rack and the auto brake activates randomly because I have a bike rack. I thought I could disable via the screen, but I don’t see an obvious way to do that.
  2. For the shooters on the board: Take note of the new ATF proposed SBR rules

    Lots and lots of changes if you have any barrels less than 16”. Pistol braces are effectively banned, and transfers of SBRs is severely restricted. basically, call your congressman, tomorrow. YouTube link to lawyers take on the proposal:
  3. Transmission Replacement after 11k miles

    2021 Lariat eco 3.5 took truck in for its second oil change at 10k miles, and some warranty work. Like the recall on the tailgate dropping (it dropped into my bike rack and dented the tailgate - should be covered by ford, but ugh), transmission shift issues (hunts for gears and periodically...
  4. Does the factory nav only work in cellular range?

    Lots of areas in Idaho without cell service and I still want/need my navigation. My 2008 4Runner has nav regardless of cell service, why does my 2021 truck nav turn off when I’m out of cell coverage?
  5. What bulb type do the projector headlights have?

    I find them very dim and also I loathe the shadow that is created between the high/low beams. On the freeway at night it makes driving way more difficult because there is a gap in the lighting on the road. I have never had a car with headlights like this. The brights always overlap the low...
  6. De-chrome the interior

    I would like to replace all of the little faux-chrome trim pieces in the interior. They do nothing but cause sunlight to be reflected into my eyes. Before I get a trim removal tool out and start pulling on these, is there a diagram on how they are clipped in? Specially the trim around the...
  7. 11/29 Build Week

    Anyone else joining me in what I would have to guess is the last week of the 2021s. I have a VIN but damn I keep getting bumped back and back and back.
  8. Manufacturer of f150 transmission?

    Ford used to build a ZF transmission, but I cannot find what transmission ford is using in the current f150s. Anyone know? I assume it is shared with the navigator, explorer, and others as well.
  9. 2022 model year changes?

    Do we have any details on changes for 2022? I just ordered a 2021 lariat with the sport option and am curious if Ford is changing the sport in 2022 to remove the red accents. also curious if there will be some additional things added that may make waiting an extra few months worth it vs the 2021.
  10. 2021 LED lumens vs 2020 LED lumens output from LED headlights?

    Does anyone have any data on the light output from the new LEDs? On the prior f150s even the LED headlights were pretty dim. Has Ford increased the light output in the new LED headlights? this is in reference to the led projectors on various trims like the 502A high.
  11. Lariat Sport option - possible to get black door cards and dash accents?

    Is it possible to get the black door cards and black dash accents instead of the burgundy accents? I am not a chrome fan and like the painted bumpers and black front grill, but those interior accents might drive me nuts.