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  1. XLT Grill

    Selling my factory XLT grill. Like new condition, no broken tabs, scratches, etc. - $125
  2. XLT Headlights

    Selling my factory XLT headlights (LED). Like new condition, no broken tabs, scratches, etc. - $400
  3. XLT Tail Lights

    Selling my factory XLT tail lights w/ bliss. Like new condition, no broken tabs, scratches, etc. - $400
  4. XLT Halogen to LED Issue…Help!

    I have an XLT w/ BLISS and am switching to Tremor full LED. I ordered the Boosted GreyGoose Design conversion adapter, hooked everything up, and for some reason both the brake lights AND the turn signals come on (solid) when I press the brakes. The signals lights still blink correctly when I...
  5. 12/5/22 - Build Week - MY 23

    Well, I'll go ahead and kick this thing off. This is actually my SECOND go round...I ordered a 2022 F150 XLT on Feb 3rd, 2022. Received my VIN on May 5th and truck was built on June 8th, life was good. Then the chaos began. The truck shipped on July 22nd but never arrived at the dealership...
  6. Where Is The Tracker Sheet

    Just tried to open up the Excel vehicle tracking sheet but it looks like it has been removed. Anyone else having this issue?
  7. F150 “100 Club”

    After scouring the forum, I couldn’t believe this thread had not already been started. This should get interesting… All of the friends I made in my build week (5/30) have gone on to bigger and better things since receiving their trucks. For those of us that seem to be stuck in a never ending...
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  9. 5/30/22 Build Week

    Well, I didn’t already see one started so I guess I’ll kick this one off! Got my email and my truck will be built the week of May 30! 22 F150 XLT screw cab Powerboost 4X4. I threw every option available at it and ordered back on 02/03/22. Fingers crossed I remain in this group!