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  1. Any hard roll-up tonneau NOT made by Realtruck?

    I ended up going for an easy to remove folding cover instead, and got the Lomax carbon fiber. Love it so far. I just am not a fan of the “buy up all the competition” business strategy. They have every right to do so of course, not everyone has to like it. 😁
  2. OpenPilot on the F-150 (BlueCruise alternative)

    Do you have this button? If yes then you should be good from what I’ve read.
  3. Private Selling Inquiry..

    No, and typically they will either have no effect or actually lower resale value. The only case in which they'll really raise value is when the mods are done correctly, and you are selling to a buyer who understands and values those specific mods and is willing to pay extra.
  4. OpenPilot on the F-150 (BlueCruise alternative)

    The powertrain shouldn't matter. It could be as simple as a fingerprinting issue like we have experienced in the F-150. I can set up an installer URL with the Maverick fingerprint hard coded if you'd like to try that before returning it.
  5. OpenPilot on the F-150 (BlueCruise alternative)

    All the info you need is in this thread and is linked in the OP. You need to go back and do some reading first. I’m not trying to be a jerk; you should fully understand what you are getting into before undertaking something like this.
  6. OpenPilot on the F-150 (BlueCruise alternative)

    A few of us have been using it with Comma 3x, if you're referring to the new hardware. If you mean the older Comma 3, I don't think anyone on here is using it. It would work but requires a CAN-FD Panda module aka Red Panda. The 3x has this hardware built in.
  7. OpenPilot on the F-150 (BlueCruise alternative)

    The sunnypilot branches I posted above aren’t currently working. Will fix them or edit the post when back at my computer. We took a ride to to Bangor yesterday, about a 250 mile round trip. Most of my driving is on rural state highways and local roads so this was my first experience with it on...
  8. NO FordPass app for Galaxy Watch?

    Huh, I didn’t even realize I could do this from my watch now. TIL, thanks! Looks like it’s in closed beta for Wear OS now.
  9. Adaptor for tweeter plug

    Did anyone ever figure this one out? Metra 72-5603 looks to be the same connector, but in reverse; the tab is on the wrong side.
  10. OpenPilot on the F-150 (BlueCruise alternative)

    Finally got my cable in and got to try the Comma 3x out a bit. I haven't spent too much time with it yet, but it does feel much more planted when following curves to the left than to the right. Here are a few installer URLs for branches pre-patched w/ the hard coded F-150 signature. I also...
  11. OpenPilot on the F-150 (BlueCruise alternative)

    Done. Amazon screwed up as usual and now my cable is delayed til Monday, so still waiting to actually use the thing. I did decide not to take the road trip this weekend though, so I’m not letting that stop me from hacking away on openpilot. Getting a dev environment set up today, I should have...
  12. OpenPilot on the F-150 (BlueCruise alternative)

    Yup, it arrives tomorrow. I couldn't find one at a single brick & mortar store in Maine. I did get it to calibrate and attempt to drive today with it resting on the left side of my dash. It actually tracked the road really well from there, but hugged the right shoulder (which is often dirt...
  13. OpenPilot on the F-150 (BlueCruise alternative)

    Refer to the chart in the first post. Yes, this should work. The IPMA may be accessed without taking anything apart, in the driver side footwell behind the OBD2 port.
  14. OpenPilot on the F-150 (BlueCruise alternative)

    You and me both. I have learned that a usb 3.1 gen 2 cable over 3.3 feet long simply does not exist in Maine. Waiting on one to arrive Friday. Then immediately headed out on a road trip, which means I get to put it through its paces but no time for hacking on it yet. 😤
  15. OpenPilot on the F-150 (BlueCruise alternative)

    That’s as may be, but my curiosity is about OpenPilot functionality with more of an OEM feel and nothing hanging off of the windshield or on the dash. Idle musings.
  16. OpenPilot on the F-150 (BlueCruise alternative)

    This camera connector is called a High Speed FAKRA Mini-Coaxial connector (HSFM). The cameras are connected via GMSL. This has no bearing on the Comma device, I'm just idly musing about future possibilities. There are GMSL modules for the Nvidia Jetson platform, and OpenPilot has been ported there.
  17. OpenPilot on the F-150 (BlueCruise alternative)

    To everyone waiting on a Comma 3x, make sure you have a long enough USB-C 3.1 cable available. I had a few I could swear were 3.1 but of course they weren't. They are pretty scarce here in Maine so I may have to wait a couple days longer. An extension cable like the one @Ajzride linked...
  18. Conversion to paddle shifters is it possible?

    Can you describe how you actually dyed it though? Did you have to unstitch anything?
  19. OpenPilot on the F-150 (BlueCruise alternative)

    There is no such thing as "voiding the warranty", at least in the USA. The Magnuson-Moss act prevents the manufacturer from denying a warranty claim unless it can be proven that an aftermarket part caused a failure. And in those cases, the warranty remains valid for other components.