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  1. What Ceramic coating works for you?

    That’s up to you. I guess you can check the weather, find a covered parking spot, rent a tent or just leave it out. If that doesn’t work you know the quoted price.
  2. What Ceramic coating works for you?

    Yes we did it ourselves. There is some prep work before you put on ceramic and it needs to stay dry for a few days after. It takes some time and some work on a big truck but it still looks good 4 months later. About $85 online.
  3. Road Trip recommendations? Nashville to Tahoe

    When you leave Rapid City SD you might want to check this out on your way to Montana. Even if you take 7 days for the drive you are going to miss a lot along the way.
  4. What Ceramic coating works for you?

    I put Meguairs M888 Beyond Ceramic on my Black Tremor this weekend. Looks good, reflects like a mirror. I hope it stays that way.
  5. Installed wheel well liners on Tremor

    Probably took 10 minutes or less on each side. The holes lined up perfectly so the 2 screw clips and 4 plastic snap plugs installed easily.
  6. 2024 F150 King Ranch Pictures from Houston Auto Show

    This Blue 2024 King Ranch is on display at the Houston Car Show.
  7. Ford uploads (not updates) over WiFi?

    Did you read and agree to the new terms and conditions of the updated Ford Pass app?
  8. Does the Ford Performance Supercharger installation affect new vehicle warranty?

    Thanks for the reply. I got about the same replies from the dealer also. Any issues with factory defective items in the motor through the driveline system that would be originally covered are most likely not covered and will be blamed on the supercharger Install. Dealer may have some wiggle...
  9. Does the Ford Performance Supercharger installation affect new vehicle warranty?

    I have gotten different answers on this from a few dealerships. If you have installed one have you had any other warranty issues not being covered because of it? I’m am/was going to have my dealer install the FPP supercharger on my new truck. The paperwork shows the supercharger kit has a 3yr/36...
  10. AGATE BLACK F-150 (2021+) Club

    Picked up a replacement for my 21 Platinum Hybrid today.
  11. Switching From Lightning - Powerboost Reliability?

    I put 70,000 miles on my 21 PB Platinum In 2.5 years with no problems. Totally reliable for me just like the 3 other 5.0 F-150’s I had. I Just traded it in last week on a car for no reason with the truck. My next truck will be PowerBoost. You shouldn’t be concerned if that’s what you want.
  12. No Longer Part of the Powerboost Fam

    I just traded my 21 PowerBoost also. 70,000 trouble free miles. Just wanted something different for awhile. Not sure what I’m going to do with my 4 wheelers and trailer so I may get another truck soon. Fully loaded truck if you need one here...
  13. Powerboost probably slower than Ecoboost

    When you compare things always look for the differences. Not all magazines and reviewers test the same way.
  14. 2 year update on my 2021 Platinum Hybrid 4x4

    I agree speed plays A big factor
  15. 2 year update on my 2021 Platinum Hybrid 4x4

    Good use of your vehicle for those 60,000 miles. I drive through Tulsa a lot on my way to Bartlesville.
  16. Sounds Like I’m Dragging a Chain

  17. 2 year update on my 2021 Platinum Hybrid 4x4

    The paint match is good. It keeps the bed dry and my stuff locked up. check here. https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/installed-undercover-elite-hard-tonneau-cover.3636/