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  1. Scraping sound? Dealer can't figure it out...

    Anyone have thoughts on what this noise might be? 2021 F150/Lariat FX4 Max Tow 6.5" bed. Dealer can't figure it out of course. Rotors and pads are brand new. Axel bolts are intact. Thanks!
  2. Headlight Control Module/LED Reflector

    Hello, trying to keep my sanity before I start this project. Lol. 2021 Lariat 501A. I have the chrome LED reflector headlights and was able to get a pair of the black Tremor reflector headlight assembly. Will I need to program the HCM''s on the new LED lights? Thanks!!
  3. 2021 5.0 Spark plug gap?

    Just verifying that this is the correct gap for a 2021 5.0 for spark plugs. THANKS!! 0.039 in (1 mm) - 0.043 in (1.1 mm)
  4. Sirius Radio Alerts?

    Has anyone lost their Siruis radio artist alerts? I've done a Sirius refresh, a master reset, and disconnected the battery for 15 minutes. Nothing worked so far.
  5. Easy/Entry Exit Function?

    Anyone able to locate the Easy/Entry Exit option to turn it off? It’s in the manual but option is missing on screen? I have a 501a Lariat and every time I turn off the truck it slides the seat back, then slides forward when I get in. The owners manual says where the feature is located but it's...
  6. Wrinkled leather seats?

    Finally picked up my truck tonight, has anyone else noticed their leather front seat (or any seat) having a bit of loose/wrinkled leather? I had them mark it down as a "we owe you." All my seats were perfect except the drivers...i'm sure it will be wrinkled at some point sitting on it every...
  7. Borla vs. Ford Performance exhaust by Borla? For 5.0L

    Looking to change out my exhaust (once new kits are available) but wondering if anyone knows the difference between the standard Borla exhaust vs. Ford Performance exhaust by Borla? Do they sound different? One louder than the other? Deciding between Touring and S-Type(Sport) So hard to...
  8. Truck month?

    Anyone have any idea when "truck month" officially starts and/or if new offers might be out soon? Thanks!!
  9. "Sub to Plant"

    Tried to search but could not find anything, I have a VIN# (received a little over 2 weeks ago) and was told today my truck just went "sub to plant." The Ford tracker still has no dates. Any idea what "sub to plant" means? Thanks!
  10. Tailgate F150 Stamp lettering larger than 13th gen?

    Can anyone confirm if the F150 stamped into the tailgate is the same as previous years? It sure looks a bit larger than my 18'. Looking to order some inserts for my 2021 (if it ever gets a build date!). ;) Thanks!