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  1. A/C Blower is not functioning

    Has anyone had success with the repairs in TSB 22-2089? I’m trying to bring it to the dealer when it happens again to avoid “could not replicate”. But curious if the repair actually fixes the issue.
  2. Spacer Leveling Kit - best 2" or 2.5" spacer leveling kit?

    I know there are a million posts about leveling kits. Is there a general consensus about the best 2” or 2.5” spacer leveling kits? Best in terms of quality and close to factory specs ride. Any brands to avoid? Level would be purely for cosmetic reasons. ‘22 XLT 302A, 4x4, 18” chrome wheels...
  3. OTA Ford Power-Up 3.5.3 and upcoming Alexa Built-in roll-out

    If I’ve followed along correctly the updates don’t need to happen consecutively? I had 3.5.2 installed on 9/12. Being impatient, I did a master reset of the trucks setting in case that might have triggered something. Just want to make sure I don’t have to wait for 3.5.2 again before
  4. Ford F-150 Extended Warranty from Ford Protect - $25 Over Dealer Cost- PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE!

    Has anyone used the Keyfob or Exterior/Interior lights options yet? Thinking about adding them but wondering if the deductible applies to them.
  5. Car Carrier Loading Video

    YouTube Car Carrier loading video. Pretty cool to watch while you’re waiting for delivery.
  6. Sync Update for full screen Car Play

    Hi guys, Bring my truck in for first oil change and 2 recalls tomorrow. Any key words or phrases to ask them to update me to the full screen CarPlay? It’s a ‘22 Job 2 truck so it came with Alexia & the backup camera working. Had an OTA update to 3.5.2 back in September. Thanks, Jim VIN if it...
  7. Climate control dead....and then it isn't

    Yes. My fan speed, direction selection, and fan speed all stopped responding on a trip last week. The indicator lights all showed currently but there was no actual response. I’m also concerned about bringing it the dealership being an intermittent issue. this TSB was posted in another thread...
  8. A/C fan speed not blowing

    Same issue is happening with my ‘22. Fan Speed and Air direction (defrost/face/feet) have stopped responding for a while during trips. Indicators on the screen all do what there supposed to but it’s like they are disconnected from the equipment.
  9. Drive Mode Selection Knob

    I’m really enjoying my new truck. Does anyone else find the drive mode selector not to be intuitive? I keep trying for Eco or Sport modes on the fly and end up in Mud mode with the differential locking! ??‍♂️?‍♂️
  10. 12/13 Build Week

    Picked up today! Wasn’t expecting a 400W outlet in the bed and the inverter under the rear seat. Guess it’s included with 302A. ?‍♂️
  11. 12/13 Build Week

    Delivered to dealer this morning. Planning on picking it up on Monday! Amount of surface rust on differential seems to be fine. Thanks for all the help tracking it!
  12. 12/13 Build Week

    Train finally got to Ayer, MA today. It now shows as pickup pending with United. So hopefully it will get delivered this week!
  13. 12/13 Build Week

    And pushed from 2/6 to 2/14. Never would have guessed shipping would take this long. But looks like the autorack finally started moving again this morning (after sitting since 1/24) so maybe it will not take the whole time.
  14. 12/13 Build Week

    I’m still bringing up the markers on 12/13. ?that railcar will start moving tonight after sitting at an intermediate stop for 9 days. 2/6 might be right on, if it gets picked up at the final rail yard promptly.
  15. Anyone here able to track a BNSF railcar?

    I’m a rail fan so enjoy learning about how things work. Just hope that NS didn’t forget about my car sitting at an intermediate stop for a week!
  16. 12/20/2021 Build Club

    My guess is it hasn’t arrived at the Nashville ramp yet. Mine has the same status and is still on the train.
  17. Norfolk Southern Tracking

    Curious if anyone has successfully set up an account for their website. I signed up but it’s not approved yet. Got the car’s (TTGX820200) last location but I’m wondering if the website will say it’s destination/eta.
  18. Ford Tracker is working

    1st time ever for me! Though I’m starting to think Ford is using UShip!