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  1. Loss of chimes aftermarket audio

    There’s some stuff on this on the other forum, for older trucks, so I’m hoping there’s a wizard among this forum. I have aftermarket amps, on a B&O truck. So I’m using the zen unit which is supposed to keep factory chimes. Door chimes work normal, backup and front sensor are through the...
  2. Oklahoma 2021 sport rims and new 275/70/18 KO2s

    Less than 4000 miles on rims and tires, includes TPMS. Looking for 1600.00 all in, I’m willing to drive an hour or two if someone is somewhat close to me.
  3. Parking brake engaged as I approached truck!?

    Heard a noise walking up to my truck (off). Went to drive and noticed brake was on, I never set it. The noise I heard was the parking brake being set. Is there a feature I’m not aware of!? This is so bizarre, bring it up or let it be?
  4. Rear bed noise after installing Fox shocks

    Installed fox shocks front and rear. I’m having a weird issue I’ve never seen. It’s not leaf related which I’ve had before. Over small bumps it’s the most apparent. It’s a very noticeable duh doomp for a lack of better words. Sounds and feels almost as if rear of truck is being thrown up...
  5. CarPlay randomly gone can’t get it back!

    Usually I plug phone in and CarPlay appears, I always use a cable and never mess with settings. First happened when my wife plugged her phone in, maybe the first time I can’t remember. I eventually got CarPlay back randomly. This morning no joy. Forgot sync4 and tried that, hard reset iPhone...
  6. Fox 2.0 and halo blocks installed

    Had regular fox 2.0 installed along with halo 2.25 rear blocks. I wanted factory rake and it appears I have around 2.5 now versus 3.0 ish stock. Paid 470.00 for front install with adjustment, alignment check (said no adjustment were needed) and to have rear blocks replaced.
  7. Did anyone claim 500.00 FordPass gift card?

    Claimed in the app for 500.00 of accessories. Bought truck. Dealer has no idea what I’m talking about and Ford pass is giving me the run around bad. Curious of others experience, apparently a voucher is generated at the dealer they can then print. Dealer is out of state so I can’t just go...
  8. Can I stack these 4 incentives?

    1000 custom order rebate 1000 bonus cash 500 military 2500 PCO I meet the date requirements for all, and the PCO says it can be combined with all public offers. Just want to understand the process before taking delivery of the truck, as I was told that you can't always stack rebates.
  9. Overwhelmed by tire choices again

    I had 285/65/20 KO2s on my 2018 XLT with 2.1 bilsteins and blocks in the back. Loved the look but definitely lost mileage and power. I also had the 3.5 eco. Now I’m overwhelmed making a decision again for my 21. Now I have the 2.7 and 18 inch tires. I don’t need a 35 inch tire and think...
  10. 7/12 build week

    Apologies if this was already made. Ordered 5/27 Vin today, 6/4 That’s pretty quick isn’t it?
  11. Pulled the order trigger with Granger, some follow up questions

    Hey all, new here. Pulled the trigger on a 21 lariat 501A, lead foot, tow tech, co-pilot, and bigger tank. Went with Granger after reading about them. Chip was so nice to deal with!!! It’s going to be hard not to harass him but I’m doing my best. my big pickle now is my 2018 XLT. It’s a...