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  1. Do you REALLY NEED 4×4?

    I, like you, had no need for 4WD when I ordered my 2021 5.0 Supercab F-150 with e-locker. I still have had no need or use for a 4WD. I saved the money and a mile or two on gas mileage and am happy with my decision. But it does not snow much where I live or I would have gotten the 4WD. Resale is...
  2. Handheld Vacuum

    This one is really compact & works really well. I keep it in my truck. It comes in 3 colors https://fanttik.com/collections/car-vacuum/products/fanttik-v8-mate-cordless-car-vacuum
  3. New F150 Owner.. Tips and suggestions welcome

    I second the extended warranty for as long as you plan on keeping the truck. Get you ceramic tint for all your windows, including & especially the windshield. I have 70% on mine. It's unnoticeable, but really keeps out the heat
  4. Jesse-Infotainment is the man!

    Jesse's truck is awesome & showcases his talent with these trucks! Worth your drive!!
  5. Jesse-Infotainment is the man!

    I just returned home from Dallas where Jesse @Jesse-Infotainment was gracious enough to spend his time & energy getting my truck updated. My truck is a job 1 2021 F150 that has not received an update since February 2022 and was stuck. My local dealership has had my truck 5 or 6 times and had it...
  6. Paint issues?

    Try an iron decontamination product to remove those
  7. Do you have a LARIAT SuperCAB?

    I own a 21 502a Lariat supercab that I had to order to get the luxuries that I enjoy. I also like the longer 6.5 bed that is actually useful if I need to put something longer than 5.5 feet long with the tailgate shut in. No one rides in the back seat except my boxer & there is plenty of room for...
  8. OTA update issues

    Thanks Jesse. I'll give it another go!
  9. OTA update issues

    Thank you Jesse. If it's not too much trouble, I would appreciate if you sent a new manifest file. I really appreciate your help. I still haven't heard anything from the local dealership about them being able to update the truck. Thanks again. VIN is 1FTEX1C52MFB69146
  10. OTA update issues

    I've had my usb in since June 4th & it still has not updated. Granted I do not drive it alot. I figure that I either I did something wrong putting the files on the usb or I just don't drive it enough for them to kick off.
  11. Bluecruise OTA Status?

    I've been to my local dealer twice for them to try to get my faded OTA update button to work & they can't even get it to do that. This is the first one they have tried to do. I talked to Ford Customer Relations & she said that they dealer HAS to do this for my truck to update. I don't know...
  12. Updates Will Not Turn On

    I was told today by my dealership that the fix would be available 5-2-22, so I have an appointment for 5-6-22 to hopefully get this resolved. They had my truck for 2 days without any success.
  13. Trucks sitting in Detroit

    I don't know about anyone else's truck but mine was built 4-30-21 & delivered 8-19-21 & it is flawless inside & out. Even the paint was perfect. I was also concerned about what kind of condition it would be in. But I was worried about nothing!
  14. Alabama WTB 21 F150 Supercab

    Here's one in Pell City: https://shop.ford.com/inventory/f150/details/1FTEX1CP6MKE73055?fromPopularBuild=false&zipcode=35207&year=2021&ownerPACode=09780&Radius=100&modeltrim=F-150_F24-XLT&Cab=sup_cab&CargoBox=6.5&Order=Distance
  15. Its here

    I always drove Chevys from 1985 to 2013 when I got my first F150. I will never go back to Chevy! I waited 6 months & 10 days for my 2021 Lariat & it has not disappointed me in any way. Hope you enjoy your new truck!
  16. 2021 F150 Husky Liners Rear Wheel Well Liners 79161

    No fitting or rubbing the shock issue with mine
  17. Explanation of why I haven't been around lately.

    So sorry for your loss. Prayers for you & your family.
  18. What did you do TO your F-150 today? 🙋🏻‍♂️

    Also look at Rough Country seat covers if you like a more fitted look
  19. DualLiner with Pro Power availability

    That is great they are finally shipping them out, but not for the supercab with the outlet. Dualliner said late September/October for it. You're right about the Dualliner coming in first being better. I have a Peragon bed cover sitting in my garage since April waiting on the Dualliner! So my...
  20. What did you do TO your F-150 today? 🙋🏻‍♂️

    I bought the Carhart back seat cover in the gravel color. It has worked great keeping Boxer nails out of the leather!