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  1. Anyone planning to try E85 in the 2024 5.0?

    Don't flexfuel vehicles have upgraded components throughout the fuel system - to deal with the corrosive nature of ethanol?
  2. F150 3.5l powerboost

    The cost will vary based on your state, the number of miles and years you choose, and options (like keys, lights, rental car), etc. I believe the ESP is now called Ford Protect Premium. Warranties are a high profit item for most dealers. However, a few Ford dealers sell them online at nicely...
  3. FordPass Rewards

    If you do your own oil changes you could stock up on the Motocraft oil filters. If not, your points would buy you 2-3 of The Works oil change / maintenance service packages.
  4. F150 3.5l powerboost

    Haha, that's what we said. But our 21 Lariat Screw is so nice we always drive it. Buy the Ford ESP, not a 3rd party warranty. I chose the 8-year 100,000 mile option. Add the coverage for the lights, as most are all-in-one units so you can't replace the bulbs. A new headlight is well over...
  5. What’s your thoughts on the truck market

    I never imagined the nicest vehicle I would own would be a truck! I never imagined the most expensive vehicle I buy would be a truck!
  6. 2.7 SSM 52447 Ticking/Tapping Or Rattle Type Noise From The Top Front Cover Area Of The Engine After Cold Soak

    Hmm. Quoting the Bulletin: This may be due to a stuck internal component of the variable cam timing (VCT) unit. To correct the condition, replace all 4 of the VCT units... It seems Ford is taking this seriously. If it was happening on my truck, I would too.
  7. CAI on 3.5 and 5.0 interchangeable?

    How much air does the 3.5L consume at 6250 RPM and both turbos pushing 20 PSI?
  8. Factory battery ongoing issues

    So is a multi-meter across the + & - posts sufficient? And of course, today we did a 2 hour highway drive (so she should be all changed up). Would your experience give any guidance of how long to wait until checking the morning voltage? Maybe a week?
  9. Rad truck straps for bed

    The use cases for these straps seem quite limited. the things I haul for family and friends are most always oddly shaped and I need straps going at multiple angles to secure. For example, how do you secure a BBQ grill with these? And since these would require removing my box-link cleats, it...
  10. Weekend in Luray, VA with the trailer & family

    Nice! How about some info on your truck, please?
  11. Factory battery ongoing issues

    I hear what you guys are saying, but what's up with my truck? 2021 Job 1 Lariat 501A Powerboost SCrew with Short Bed. Built early February 2021, then sat waiting for chip(s) into June, delivered in July. Almost 3 years on the factory battery. Several times it has been left 2-3 weeks when we...
  12. Show us what your F-150 tows

    WOW, Don! We love to boondock and thought it wouldn't be possible on a Beach. Thanks for posting this! What model is your Lance, and how do you like it? We have the 2185. -Eric
  13. 24-PU0227-VI-RBS loaded yesterday

    OK, thanks. Over the last 3 years my job 1 2021 PB has done a cluster of updates over a short period of time, then nothing for 6-12 months, then another cluster - and so on. Not saying your truck doesn't have a problem after receiving 24-PU0227-VI-RBS. I have no clue. Do you know what update...
  14. Powerboost whistle?

    Does anyone have some insight for @piesareround ?
  15. Tow mode vs normal

    Have I read correctly that there are separate transmission tables for the various modes? If so, using Tow mode would keep your Normal mode transmission tables clean.
  16. Powerboost Owner Tips!

    Sounds like your experience has not been good. I feel bad for you and would be upset too, if I was in your shoes. Though I don't understand why you insist on painting the excellent experience of most owners with the brush of your bad experience. Maybe it's time for you to move on from this...
  17. Non-PB 2024 LARIAT payload number request

    Out of curiosity, if your friend will be towing a travel trailer, why is he excluding the PB (and Pro Power on Board) ?
  18. Bak Revolver X4s issues

    Please do!