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  1. Anybody have their 24 built and/or delivered yet?

    Yup, Thursdays around lunchtime usually. Have seen Wednesdays but it’s rare.
  2. Order Bank closing

    The 23’ F150 order bank didn’t close till the first week of September last year. They made 23’s almost to the first week of January.
  3. ‘The MSRP isn’t the MSRP in our region.’

    I see your 31, 35, and 39 (good on them, even tho two of them named dropped granger lol) and I raise you posts 1,4,13,15,24,26,28,30,33,34, 👍🏼
  4. ‘The MSRP isn’t the MSRP in our region.’

    And if those people don’t know about a dealership in Iowa possible 2000+ miles way from them them…?
  5. ‘The MSRP isn’t the MSRP in our region.’

    💀💀 whatever you say man. You’re the best and the rest of us are just schmucks. If only we were as savvy as youuuu. (Also I did read the whole thread. If you would have youd see countless other people getting laughed out the door when showing their local dealerships grangers quote.) Majority...
  6. ‘The MSRP isn’t the MSRP in our region.’

    Like I said, granger is one of if not the only dealership in North America doing what they are doing for ford. That’s called an outlier. Not the average experience by 99% of ford customers.
  7. ‘The MSRP isn’t the MSRP in our region.’

    To be fair, granger is the needle in the haystack. Is it possible to find the needle? Absolutely. But you have to dig through thouands of pounds of hay. Without word of mouth from strangers in the internet I doubt you would of found them.
  8. Build week 4/29 -5/6

    Haha yea that’s correct. You got a few more bells and whistles than I went for.
  9. Build week 4/29 -5/6

    Mine is convoy and has ramp W.
  10. 5/20/24 Build Week Info Thread

    It’s been 5 day assembly weeks. Rumor is they’re transitioning to a 7 day week operation soon though. I’m certain they will have the holiday off being a union.
  11. Build week 4/29 -5/6

    Mine changed. Originally I was billed 1520 out of 3256 now I’m 559 out of 1216
  12. Build week 4/29 -5/6

    Allocations would only affect scheduling. Your order wouldn’t have been scheduled yet alone built if there was no allocation.
  13. 5/20/24 Build Week Info Thread

    They all go “into production” a week or so before their scheduled week. His now has a date under his “in production” my bet is yours does not.
  14. Anybody have their 24 built and/or delivered yet?

    The Denali Ultimate is the counterpart to the platinum. The standard Denali is the lariat counterpart. I don’t want to say you got bamboozled but if its not the ultimate... As for rebates I’m getting almost $9k off my lariat from X plan price (lifetime member of the disabled American veterans)...
  15. 2024 F-150 Scheduling This Week (4/11/24) for Production Week 5/27

    Most people just type it in wrong on the website. Gotta put your vin right after the “=“ on the end
  16. Still no Ford incentives

    My dad had to custom order his 24’ lariat f-350 and it took him 9 months. Couldn’t find one in the region he wanted cause how fast they were going.
  17. 2024 F-150 Scheduling This Week (4/11/24) for Production Week 5/27

    My truck went into production today. Chat said blend date of 5/29/24. No window sticker yet.
  18. Still no Ford incentives

    Luckily for me I have multiple vehicles and was able to trade my truck in when I ordered my new one 6 months ago. My price is locked in. PCO too. Only thing fluid is the rebates. I just really don’t want to get a truck with issues.
  19. Still no Ford incentives

    Yea I can see that. I know a lot of people aren’t stoked their trucks are being held for quality issues, and while yes we all hope that our builds are done right the first time, I can only speak for myself when’s saying I’d be more upset to receive a truck and immediately run into issues than...