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  1. Powerboost reliability.

    Off topic but high five for Wyoming. I'm just East of Cheyenne.
  2. Powerboost reliability.

    We have made a classic mistake. Feeding the troll
  3. Powerboost reliability.

    I’m a fan of asking dumb questions so here goes. What precisely is your goal and point? This isn’t Ford’s customer service or complaint department. We aren’t your dealer. You haven’t asked for help, assistance, input, or even sympathy. We get it. You don’t like your truck. You have your...
  4. Powerboost reliability.

    There are definitely people who legitimately don’t understand how something works and want to understand. Then there are those who willfully do not understand and don’t want to understand and want to convince everyone who does understand that they are actually wrong. There is a big...
  5. Powerboost reliability.

    People who never have issues rarely shout it from the mountain tops. People with problems (real or imagined) tell everyone they can. It’s like that with everything. Always has been. Just like product or company centric forums are usually home to a good number of people who hate said...
  6. Lane centering + ACC = Ping Pong (NOT Blue Cruise)

    I think at the beginning of this thread that’s what everyone thought I was doing lol
  7. Lane centering + ACC = Ping Pong (NOT Blue Cruise)

    The ones for the backup camera, park assist, and 360 calibration are more involved and take longer. The lane centering procedure is pretty quick. 40 mph on a straight well marked road until it hits 100%
  8. Lane centering + ACC = Ping Pong (NOT Blue Cruise)

    Yep Forscan has it in the service procedures. Only takes about a minute to run.
  9. Lane centering + ACC = Ping Pong (NOT Blue Cruise)

    The default ride height is 972mm. I measured as shown (floor to mid of wheel arch). And I typo'ed above, it was actually 984mm. Works out to be roughly half an inch difference, which was apparently enough to cause the ping ponging
  10. Question on Glare Free Operation

    Happy to report after some more night testing along with better aiming of my headlights and some oncoming traffic I was able to see this is working as expected. It really is amazing tech. Hopefully our morons in government can fix whatever stupid regulations are preventing this from coming to...
  11. Question on Glare Free Operation

    Someone smarter than me (theres lots) will clarify if I'm wrong. You have the following options: 1. Install projectors WITHOUT a Headlight Control Module (HCM) and you won't get the dynamic bending, leveling, or high beams (at all). 2. Install the projectors and HCM (like I did) and if you...
  12. Question on Glare Free Operation

    this is extremely helpful thanks so much!
  13. Question on Glare Free Operation

    Thanks all!
  14. Question on Glare Free Operation

    I stopped to take the pics to show the difference between manual high and low. Phone camera brightens up the ambient light. Gauge pictures were with the ignition on and engine off to show the icons in their 3 states. This was on a country road with no streetlights and speeds up to 60. The...
  15. Question on Glare Free Operation

    A few days ago with help from superfordman, an HCM and instructions from jscaro, and some Projector LED lights from Precision Retrofits, I installed the 502a projector headlights on my 501a 2022 PB Lariat without ride height sensors. Tonight I went out for my first drive to test everything...
  16. Wyoming 2022 LED Reflector Headlights w/LED Turn Signal

    lol yep, and huge thanks to superfordman for his help with this swap as well as the heated steering wheel which came in clutch last winter!
  17. Lane centering + ACC = Ping Pong (NOT Blue Cruise)

    all fixed. ran the IPMA lane centering calibration routine from forscan after adjusting the ride height. no more ping pong. now i can go back to playing the violin and doing jumping jacks while being unsafe at any speed! also my IPMA DTC was for the park assist calibration being off. need...
  18. Lane centering + ACC = Ping Pong (NOT Blue Cruise)

    adjusted the right height from 972 to 980mm in the forscan IPMA configuration. will recalibrate once the weather clears and retest
  19. The worst things about forums (rant)

    Yeah this forum is by far and away NOT near the worst out there
  20. Wyoming 2022 LED Reflector Headlights w/LED Turn Signal

    These seem to be going for around $1200 shipped in good condition, so I'd start there. Probably pricey just to use for a short term but I bet you could resell them after.