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  1. active park assist or not

    thanks everyone. I'll give it a try.
  2. active park assist or not

    I have '22 PB platinum I purchased a year ago. It was a dealer order that went in in November of '21 and build date was 3/15/22. I recall seeing the original window sticker and believe it had Active parking delete., which was ok. Once the truck finished assembly some 7 moths later I got the...
  3. Texas Roadmaster Active Suspension (RAS)

    Do you still have these? Did it effect your unloaded ride that much?
  4. Factory catalytic converter protection

    I ordered the skid plate from Ford and had it on my front porch the next day. Ordered some 10 mm bolts and u-nuts off amazon. all parts for less than $150 dollars. Install was rather easy, the most difficult part was getting the u-nut and bolt in behind the coolant lines and that wasn't all...
  5. Not sure what engine to go with

    I have a '22 Limited with powerboost and it is one of the nicest vehicles I've ever owned. I'm averaging over 22 mpg over the last 8000 miles. I think it really shines in the environment I'm in where most of my driving is freeway back and forth to work. I can average 23 to 27 mpg depending on...
  6. am I the only one with piss poor mpg

    I know that stretch of road and it always makes me nervous when I know my college son is traveling it and driving in the 90s.
  7. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    Averaging 22.1 (DASH)over the last 7000 miles. Calculated MPG have been about 0.4 mpg less than the computer. This was from a trip around Houston this last weekend.
  8. Powerboost Things to consider-After Purchase

    I'm averging over 22 mpg over 7000 miles and that is computer numbers which have averaged about 0.4 mpg over calculated. Trip from Dallas to Galveston I averaged 23.5 while pushing 80 mph. One stretch I averaged ~65 mph over a 100 miles and I was getting 26.5 mpg. I went from a 2012 Tundra...
  9. am I the only one with piss poor mpg

    My last 3 days commute to work this week. Love seeing the miles E.
  10. Under Rear Seat organizer ... glad I didn’t get

    For my lab I have the 40% seat down and 60% up. If She wants to look out the window she sits up on the seat, which I cover with a towel and then she has her bed on the floor if she wants to lay down.
  11. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    I'm averaging ~21.5 mpg for the 3900 miles lifetime. My work commute is Dallas Highway where I average 22 to 24 mpg depending on traffic. My weekend driving between neighbor hoods and back and forth to the stores is only in the upper teens. Love the truck and acceleration for such a heavy...
  12. OTA Ford Power-Up 3.5.3 and upcoming Alexa Built-in roll-out

    I picked up my truck on Friday night and went back to the dealer on Monday for what they called was a recall update on the system for blue cruise. A little disappointed my software show 352
  13. Chip hold My22 & My23

    My truck was in production for 7 months and everything looks and seems fine.
  14. Chip hold My22 & My23

    Bed rug install wasn't bad at all. I already had a spray in liner, so it added a little more concern and the need for adhesion promoter. getting the lights and the switch in cleanly took some time and patience. I did cover up the work surface as I was going to go under it, but then just having...
  15. Chip hold My22 & My23

    All, Hope you get yours soon. It's worth the wait. As other have mentioned, Ford chat and VVR are not always up to date. My dealer sent me the VVR snap shot Thursday night as it showed the truck in Ohio as of Tuesday, but UP told me it was unloaded in TX on Wednesday at 5:30 AM. MY dealer...
  16. Chip hold My22 & My23

    More to come. Finishing up paper work
  17. Ford Deleted MORE on 2022 F150

    I have a good friend who is a supply manager for Toyota and he say's all manufactures are have delays and chip shortages. He said Toyota reduced there build quantities by half.
  18. Shipping tracking and update is frustrating!

    My truck was completed 9/27 and then shipped 10/3. I asked my dealer for the rail car number. It left MI on Canadian National, so I called them a couple times to where it was transfered Union Pacific on the 7th. Calling UP rail car was emptied in Mesquite TX on the 12th at 5:32 AM. Asked...
  19. Moving from Rail to Convoy

    thanks, I just might just text the dealer tomorrow and see if it arrived. unfortutaly the dealer is an hour away from where I live and work.
  20. Moving from Rail to Convoy

    Checked with the Rail status this morning and Railcar is empty which means it was delivered to destination where it is then convoyed to dealer. Does anybody know if you can track that to see if it has been loaded on a convoy? If not, not a big deal as hopefully it will not be too long as it...