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  1. F-150 vs. new Tundra

    I've been on the Tundras forums following their truck pretty closely and I have the following observations (these are my own) 1. The Tundra's powertrain was designed from the ground up to be a Hybrid platform, and the non-hybrid trucks run fine...but the 3.4 Twin Turbo has to deal with more...
  2. How Long Do You Plan to Keep Your PowerBoost?

    Gonna be honest for the money if it's not plug and play for a PB, I can't see anyone wanting to be the first person to attempt this. The PB transmission is just different enough for me to say "I'm going to wait until someone makes a thread."
  3. How Long Do You Plan to Keep Your PowerBoost?

    Would these be compatible with the powerboost? My understanding is that this isn't just a 10r80 transmission, it's a 10r80-MHT.
  4. How Long Do You Plan to Keep Your PowerBoost?

    I paid for a 100k mile warranty and dammit I plan to ride it out for every last mile before I consider getting another truck.
  5. 🔔 Keyword Alerts — Your New Automated Site Search Tool 🔍

    I got the same tingly feeling from this mandatory announcement as I got seeing a calendar invite from my boss for a 4:45 PM meeting on a Friday
  6. Swapping in 3.55 or 3.31 Gears into a 4WD

    You mentioned you're getting 22 MPG @ 75 MPG and I say that you're getting results that are pretty in line with expectations. Your truck is heavier than mine and has tires similar to mine (I have slightly oversized Michelin Defenders), and I get 20 - 23 at 75 on the highway most days. Our...
  7. Swapping in 3.55 or 3.31 Gears into a 4WD

    I'm not hating, I'm just addressing the 16 mpg thing for the people who use Google search...there's like 100 threads about people asking why their Powerboost doesn't get the same MPG as a Honda Civic lol. Personally some days I feel like being efficient, and some days I put her in sports mode...
  8. Swapping in 3.55 or 3.31 Gears into a 4WD

    Your truck is heavier than most PBs (Limited 4x4). All your mods alter airflow, the single most important factor in mileage. Manufacturer MPG is figured at 55 MPH. Getting 16 MPG going 75-80 should not be a surprise.
  9. Ford cutting workforce at F-150 Lightning plant in Dearborn

    One thing I think Ford underestimates is that most people who buy F-150s are buying them as "do everything" vehicles that are their ONLY vehicles. They are family haulers, grocery getters, mobile offices, road trip cruisers, tow vehicles, and cargo haulers. The lightening sounds awesome but...
  10. Power-Up and Priority OTA History Thread (F-150, Lightning, Mach-E)

    Today I received the 23-PU0630-YAW-RT update. I’m always eager to get a PCM update without having to break out the mongoose. After driving a while until the hybrid drive started kicking in again, I got a nice bump in MPG. Not nearly enough data to make a judgement other than it feels like it...
  11. Any good experiences from PowerBoost owners

    Job 1 2021. Almost rolled over 55,000 miles. Transmission replaced around the 5k mile mark. Ever since then, it's been problem free.
  12. Why is Ford pushing BAP?

    I love blacked out trucks but I also love chromed out trucks. My dad was a huge influence. When he saw my azure black with chrome package truck, he said "Now that's what a nice truck should look like." Cliche as it sounds, in many ways I'm a chip off the ol block.
  13. 5.0 Engine blown up at just under 58k miles

    When I bought my PB I had to have the transmission completely replaced at 5k miles. 50k miles later, she still puts a smile on my face like nothing was wrong. I'm convinced I got a good trans tech that day. No matter how much the entire support process pissed me off, I am genuinely pleased...
  14. 2021 Owners - What is your OTA Version?

    Thanks to the ECU thread and the tireless work of the wizards who maintain it, my truck is on 6.8.0 and has been receiving OTA updates pretty regularly for more than a year now.
  15. 23 Powerboost transmission leak

    Better it fails now than midlife.
  16. Things i would like to see in 2024+ F-150

    You would would want to cut the tank size by more than 1/3 for a bigger battery? 18 gallons is the gas tank my Hyundai Sonata had lol. Absolutely not, the range of the PB is one of the upsides not the downsides. You could make the battery 10x bigger and you would not get nearly as much range...
  17. Oil Analysis

    Here's a link to Blackstone's own document to help understand what their report tells you : https://www.blackstone-labs.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Understanding-Engine-combined.pdf Oil analysis can show you things such as coolant leaks happening that's getting into the engine, can clue you...
  18. Oil Analysis

    $30 is super cheap to get a detailed analysis of what's going on inside of your engine. Most of the time it's probably normal, but sometimes you may see a spike of some material that can give you an idea of something that's getting ready to fail. In summary, it's just a tool to help get ahead...
  19. Are Cylinder Deactivation deletes a thing yet?

    There was a lot of concern about the new 5.0 with CD when the 2021s came out. When I was truck shopping, CD pushed me to the powerboost platform because I figured if I was going to roll the dice on reliability, I may as well get cool tech. I think the last few years have shown it to be a...
  20. 21 Limited Powerboost with no weight scale feature on 12" touch screen?

    I don't think weight scaling came out until the 22 year models. The software will have an icon for it though.