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  1. Lets see if we can get a better estimate of F-150 production on a daily basis... need 2024 window sticker holders

    As I recently learned on the window stick erin the top right next to the tiny QR code you will see a ####/####. My understanding is this is the place in line your truck had on that blend data over the total production for that day (so we need the bottom number). Additionally on the top left...
  2. Build delays... here we go again

    Looks like we are back to build delays... last time people started getting these e-mails their cars were sent offsite to sit in lots for months. Ordered: Lariat, 502A, Anti-Matter Blue, PB, BAP, BUP, Moonroof, x63 PAT removal, no other add ons that would delay (i.e. spray liner) Order Date...
  3. It's Truck Month!!

    ford.com website has a big splash screen about truck month
  4. For everyone waiting on their 2024 I present you the Tremor in AMB (Richmond Auto Show)

    I never really considered ordering a Tremor but after seeing it in person I am seriously considering changing my order. Oddly they had this, and then a 2023 Lightning XLT and a 2023 Lariat (white truck in the background)... no other 2024s