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  1. Baselayer Floor Mats Review

    Ordered directly on baselayer.com.
  2. Baselayer Floor Mats Review

    Recently purchased a full set of mats from Baselayer. Really like them so far. They fit great and keep the dirt where it’s supposed to be until I clean it out. No spills to test yet. Seems like durable product. Personal point, but they’re textured different and they look different than the...
  3. Guesstimating Hitch Weight

    I hadn't thought of the tires, but I'm in the same boat there, rated at 2750. Luckily, I do have the 36 gallon tank and 1400 lb hitch receiver. Guess it's time to head to Discount Tire soon...
  4. Guesstimating Hitch Weight

    wow. Those discrepancies can really cause some hazards on the roads. I'm amazed manufacturers are allowed to get away with THAT much leeway. I can something like 3-5% of advertised hitch weight, but some of those numbers are WAY off.
  5. Guesstimating Hitch Weight

    To be clear, I'm NOT talking about guessing on hitch weight on something you own/have/can weigh. My wife and I are looking at getting an RV and are down to about 8 RVs we're seriously looking at. My question is about manufacturer vs real time hitch weights. I have a '23 with max towing...
  6. Thinking Midsize, 2024 Ranger XLT vs 2023 Tacoma TRD Off Road

    I was looking for the stuttering When I test drove the F-150 and it was a lot more responsive and quicker to downshift. Either the transmissions are hit or miss on the Ranger, or Ford needs to reprogram their shift points. Outside of that, it was a great truck and could tow 7500 with the tow...
  7. Thinking Midsize, 2024 Ranger XLT vs 2023 Tacoma TRD Off Road

    I can't really say anything about a Taco, but I had a 2023 Ford Ranger for a month. It was a great truck and very capable EXCEPT for the transmission. Once I hit 45 MPH, I'd be in 10th gear at about 1700 RPM. The truck lagged quite a bit to downshift as well. It would really bog down and I...