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  1. Intermittent hum or howl from front end

    Same. More pronounced in 2H, mostly goes away in 4A. But definitely a little hum off throttle. Arg!!!
  2. Intermittent hum or howl from front end

    Link? Please explain how I would disconnect them and I’ll be happy to test this theory. I peeked down there today and see the “motor” I guess and some wires around it. Is it a simple canon type plug?
  3. Intermittent hum or howl from front end

    Tracking… so the point of the IWE is to disengage to allow for better fuel economy due to less drag? Essentially an expensive part for small gains, kind of like the carpet bib covering oil pan?
  4. Intermittent hum or howl from front end

    Let’s see… just googled CV to try and catch up. Hub is always engaged, so wheels are always spinning obviously with the CV? But power isn’t applied to the CV unless in 4A? Deleting IWE seems too good to be true and almost too easy. What I want to know, is what is the worst case scenario if I...
  5. Intermittent hum or howl from front end

    I’m really struggling to understand the function of the IWE. By deleting it, and having it always engaged… you’re saying I’d always be in 4A pretty much?
  6. Intermittent hum or howl from front end

    Any updates? Will this cause long term damage? I see all the cold weather theories, but I’m in Florida and it’s consistent regardless of temp. Bad in 2H, kind of goes away in 4A. Dreading fighting the dealer and trying to play the loaner game for it to be fixed right. people say 22+ don’t...
  7. Intermittent hum or howl from front end

    Glad I ain’t crazy. My 21 with 30,000 does it, can anyone confirm if this is causing damage? I agree I don’t think temp matters. Mine has done it all over the spectrum. For me I notice it most when slowing down, it’s a very rhythmic wom wom wom if that makes sense. Like a brake issue or...
  8. Transmission shudder

    I did go ahead And reset adaptive learn to see how that affects it. I’ve seen a lot of people say trans flush helps but come on, 25,000 mile truck I don’t want to spend or deal with that so early if I can help it.
  9. Transmission shudder

    Nope just oil change and air filter
  10. Transmission shudder

    New data point and I’m feeling crazy. I get the shudder around 60MPH with very light throttle, easily replicated. My truck has 25000 on it and I’ve never experienced this. It started after I changed my oil… I’m at a loss. I did spill a tiny splash of fresh oil near the fill Port but am not...
  11. Loss of chimes aftermarket audio

    Right now I have chimes for door, backup sensor, and collision warning. Front sensor is still through instrument cluster. Any ideas?
  12. Loss of chimes aftermarket audio

    There’s some stuff on this on the other forum, for older trucks, so I’m hoping there’s a wizard among this forum. I have aftermarket amps, on a B&O truck. So I’m using the zen unit which is supposed to keep factory chimes. Door chimes work normal, backup and front sensor are through the...
  13. Oklahoma 2021 sport rims and new 275/70/18 KO2s

    Hey you’re killin my sale here!!! Just kidding
  14. Oklahoma 2021 sport rims and new 275/70/18 KO2s

    I really missed my 2018 special edition look, and got lucky with a local ad. So now it’s the 20 inch rims and 285/65/20 KO2s.
  15. Oklahoma 2021 sport rims and new 275/70/18 KO2s

    Less than 4000 miles on rims and tires, includes TPMS. Looking for 1600.00 all in, I’m willing to drive an hour or two if someone is somewhat close to me.
  16. Blackvue DR900s-2CH Dashcam + Power Magic Pro Hardwire Install

    I had some extra in the garage and also ordered a bulk variety pack off Amazon for future use.
  17. Parking brake engaged as I approached truck!?

    Heard a noise walking up to my truck (off). Went to drive and noticed brake was on, I never set it. The noise I heard was the parking brake being set. Is there a feature I’m not aware of!? This is so bizarre, bring it up or let it be?
  18. Rear bed noise after installing Fox shocks

    No step on mine. can someone with fox rears measure exposed shock? I have 5.5 and 7 per side. Stage 3 is saying it might be bottoming out.
  19. NJ Bed Liner installers

    Oklahoma, yeah I didn’t think of that. Definitely happy with the product though.
  20. NJ Bed Liner installers

    I paid 435 a few weeks ago, I believe their “premium” is 100 more for UV protection.