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  1. Adaptive steering available on 2024 F-150?

    Is adaptive steering available anymore on 2024s? The option that changing steering ratio
  2. New Jersey King ranch twin tube rear shocks

    Selling twin tube shocks off my king ranch 15,000 miles. No off-roading. Good condition. I had the standard monotube rear shock on my 21 lariat for 26,000 miles and when I got the new truck noticed right away how these improved the ride and are def worth the change. $75
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  4. New Jersey Ford trifold tonneau cover 5.5ft

    For sale: ford tri fold for 5.5ft bed hand washed only. Great shape. would like to get it out of my garage $250
  5. Tremor suspension on Powerboost

    Since I’m done drag racing the truck, I Figured I’d dive into this and document the process of adding some tremor suspension parts on king ranch Powerboost. Here are the parts I’m planning on using: Tremor upper control arm(press releases states they are unique) Tremor knuckle(press releases...
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  7. Transfer case click

    Can anyone switch between 4A and 4HI with the driver door open and see if you hear it engaging, or if it’s dead silent? Much appreciated
  8. New Jersey Sold: Weathertech FloorLiner HP pics added

    Sold the truck so up for sale. Some water drops in the pic but good shape. These are great and getting another set in brown for my next truck. WeatherTech HP FloorLiner 1st & 2nd row mats (black) - fits 2021-2022 F-150 without underseat storage. $150 shipped. Cost me $250, save yourself 100 bucks