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  1. Electric F-150 Teased!

    Ford teases all-electric F-150 with off-road goodies It looks like the electric half-ton will get some 4x4 bits Byron Hurd Ford teased its forthcoming all-electric F-150 pickup yet again Thursday during the debut of its 2022 E-Transit electric commercial van. Appearing alongside the...
  2. Videos: 2021 F-150 Walkthroughs, First Looks, Interior, Exterior, Driving Footage

    I compiled some videos of the new F-150 since it looks like a lot of publications got access to film it ahead of the reveal. Some good close up shots of the interior, exterior and driving vids here. I'm scouring the internet for more. If you guys see any post em up!
  3. 2021 F-150 Retro Design Rendering

    Just a little fun.... even if we know it wont look like this. What Next-Gen F-150 Would Look Like If Ford Went Retro The artist applies the aesthetics of the 1970s to a modern truck. Chris Bruce A new generation of the Ford F-150 is on the way, and spy shots even provide a decent preview...
  4. What should the next F-150 change from the current model?

    I know the next F150 is not supposed to be a huge exterior overhaul from the current gen, but what if anything would you want to see changed?
  5. C&D: 2021 F-150 Design, Powertrains, Trims etc

    2021 Ford F-150 Will Get an Evolutionary Redesign Details on the new F-150 and F-150 Raptor's powertrains, exterior design, interior trims, and more. By David Beard Apr 6, 2020 Illustration by Radovan VaricakCar and Driver The Ford F-150 pickup truck is getting a redesign for 2021. Here's...