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  1. SteedaGT’s ‘23 F150

    Well I got inpatient waiting on the FRPP suspension so I threw on some 3” puck spacers temporarily. Also added the Ikon knuckles and Readylift UCA’s. Started with 2” spacers, but only netted 1” of lift so I overnighted some 3” spacers and right after the install (no settling or alignment) I’m...
  2. I should’ve done this a long time ago..

    Looks much better!
  3. SteedaGT’s ‘23 F150

    Well after completely failing at installing rear air bags from my old 2016, I decided to tackle some low hanging fruit. Side note: air bags from the Gen 13 trucks do NOT fit our trucks. However, these were a huge improvement for cheap and were super easy to install.
  4. AVALANCHE F-150 (2021+) Club

    Where did you get those interior overlays? They look really good.
  5. SteedaGT’s ‘23 F150

    It’s a super fun car! The wife absolutely loves it.
  6. SteedaGT’s ‘23 F150

    Thank you!!!
  7. SteedaGT’s ‘23 F150

    Thank you for that info, but not a max tow package on this one. It has the regular tow package, the tech stuff for it and a payload of almost 1,800 lbs which fit the bill for me.
  8. SteedaGT’s ‘23 F150

    Give it time :) . Need to get the lift on first and then they will be perfect.
  9. SteedaGT’s ‘23 F150

    Wheels and tires showed up too. 17” Methods in Bahia blue wrapped in 35x12.5 KO2’s. Also had a company on fb make me these which I am overjoyed with!
  10. SteedaGT’s ‘23 F150

    So far, I’ve added a spray in bedliner, roll up bed cover, rad straps in the bed, and bullrings in the stake pockets. Basically just the stuff to get the truck working. Plans for this truck is to make an affordable Raptor R that can tow. It’ll get a blower in the near future and look the part...
  11. SteedaGT’s ‘23 F150

    Decided to make a thread here and introduce myself. Same username on a bunch of other forums (mostly Mustang). I’ve had a few F150’s, took a turn to the dark side for a brief stint and I’m back in the family. Started with a 2016 F150 XLT that was purchased for a steal of a price as a leftover...
  12. Rad truck straps for bed

    I have a set of these in my truck and use them a LOT! I have 2 of them installed on the driver side with the box link hooks on the passenger side. Work really well for a variety of loads. I really just like how convenient they are.
  13. 🙋🏻‍♂️ Say Hello and Introduce Yourself! ?

    Hello all. I’ve had a few f150’s and made the mistake of going to GM for a bit. Lasted 8 months before I came back! Got myself into a new, leftover 2023 xlt bap with a coyote. Avalanche exterior with black interior. Loving it so far!