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  1. Ford ESP Extended Service Plan offered @ dealer cost (by Granger Ford - February only special)!

    Thanks for the heads up, been meaning to pull the trigger and just did! I was also able to use the Ford Pass points I had sitting around. Appreciate what you all do Granger Ford!
  2. Is It Possible To Disconnect Our Trucks From Network?

    I see you guys watched "Leave the world behind" this weekend too 🤣
  3. Floor Mats? Lux Box?

    Been a fan of Husky for years now, first thing I bought for the truck. Also the rubber bed mat from them is great.
  4. Pennzoil Ultra Platnum on Powerboost

    The 3 pack of PUP for me comes out to $73.53 or $4.90 / qt (after WA sales tax). Great deal!
  5. 22 Powerboost Misfire

    Guess it makes sense if it was rodent damage, then got wet and shorted. Glad you got it sorted out.
  6. F150 2021 powerboost onboard power. Does 30 amp draw from both A and B?

    Appreciate the info guys - got some stuff on order!
  7. F150 2021 powerboost onboard power. Does 30 amp draw from both A and B?

    Hey Snakebitten, sorry to drag up an old thread but getting ready to do some boondocking and looking for the right adapter to use with my TT. Its a typical 30Amp and I was tempted to just use one of the 120v outlets with a heavy duty extension cord as I wont be running AC or the microwave...
  8. AC not blowing cold air

    That's what I'm saying - try it in auto mode, and turn the dial down.
  9. AC not blowing cold air

    I haven't noticed it in my truck, but I also have a Mazda6 with auto climate controls. My wife would occasionally manually turn down the fan which would kick the car out of auto mode. When that happened it felt like the AC wasn't working for whatever reason. Turned on auto, set the temp and...
  10. Picked up a 2023 powerboost Lariat today

    I think its more that OPs came with the 20 inch wheel option which look to come with more of a street tire than than the 18s. Granted its a standalone option for sure.