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  1. OTA Update killed Wireless App Projection

    @FordTruckMan helped me out (this forum is great!) Need to factory reset sync. Fixed my wireless project immediately. Don't know about eliminating need to reboot yet but sync loads a lot faster now.
  2. Wireless App Projection - Won't switch on.

    YES this worked! Thanks MATE. I guess I should have thought about this. Connected everything back up. My forscan changes are still all there as far as I can tell. It does load a hell of a lot faster now as well. No long splash screen delay. Hopefully will stop the reset issues I was having.
  3. Wireless App Projection - Won't switch on.

    Great news if that will fix the wireless projection issue and frequent rest. This is the procedure right? Thanks for the quick reply and help. Really appreciate it.
  4. OTA Update killed Wireless App Projection

    I am having both issues (sync resetting and wireless project greyed out). U make any progress with yours? Do u have the unreal engine turned on thru forscan?
  5. Wireless App Projection - Won't switch on.

    We're u able to get wireless projection being greyed out resolved? I am taking my truck in tomorrow. May be just an ota update that broke something. Want to check to be sure it isn't something like having the unreal engine being turned on in forscan.
  6. Wireless App Projection - Won't switch on.

    Any thoughts on if having the unreal engine turned on thru forscan is creating an issue with wireless projection? My projection is greyed out (wired works fine) and I am taking into dealership this week to have them look at it as well as other regular maintenance
  7. Wireless App Projection - Won't switch on.

    I started having the same issue - ie the wireless projection won't work (wired works fine) Also my screen freezes and resets itself about once a week. I did get 23-PU1113-UNX-DC update a few weeks ago so that may be it. Not having any other issues that I know. I have made a few forscan...
  8. First trip of 2024 - FLA-GA-SC -- 10 day journey in 2021 F-150 Platinum PowerBoost towing E-Pro 20FBS Travel Trailer

    I put on the wacko AC silencer on my RV and it was a game changer. We couldn't watch tv comfortably without it but now it is a pleasure to have the AC on and watch tv. Expensive for what u get but it works (I also did extra taping in the AC box as recommended by several users). Our furnace is...
  9. First trip of 2024 - FLA-GA-SC -- 10 day journey in 2021 F-150 Platinum PowerBoost towing E-Pro 20FBS Travel Trailer

    I believe he has added digital temp number readout thru forscan. To my knowledge that can only be added Lariat and above ie full digital dash (I have a 302a as well). You can select the 2 middle gauges options from a list. I always have the transmission temp and boost gauges in the middle...
  10. Those Towing With Michelin LTX Defenders...

    I have essentially your truck specs including 20" tires with similar WDH, though my trailer is a bit heavier at 6200lbs dry. I still have the OEM hankooks (recommended 36 psi). When I pull the trailer I increase pressure to 45psi. Very anecdotal, but I believe it helps towing so continue to do...
  11. APIM replacement issues with Forscan

    Thanks for sharing this. I have the unreal engine and climate bar turned on in my 22. I don't have any real issue though lately it gets occasionally hung up on the splash screen and I have to reset (power, fwd). Should I be concerned and be looking to turn unreal and climate bar off before...
  12. Getting nothing back on warranty refund

    Yes an official ford esp. It is the Granger ford dealership. There is a complete thread on this forum about cost plus $50. You do need to be able to give them a US address but they will work with you. All the paperwork is by email. Understand from other cdns that their local cdn dealership...
  13. Getting nothing back on warranty refund

    This is the issue with buying esp in Canada (I am a fellow cdn). 3500 for essentially 2 extra years of bumper to bumper warranty. It is why dealers push them so hard. Canadians who buy from Granger or flood in USA pay ~ 2000 for 8 years or 5 extra yrs of bumper to bumper.
  14. Canadians buying extended warranty from U.S. dealer

    I bought from Granger and no physical mail sent to my US address. Granger emailed me all the documentation. Most importantly my local cdn Ford dealer sees the 8 yr extended warranty in their system. I haven't had to use it but my dealer at least sees it. It was easily 1/3 of the price I could...
  15. IGLA - Anti Theft Immobilizer

    As a fellow person in Ontario I was very worried about theft in general. I was quite concerned on my recent 10k km round trip to Vancouver and back. The truck BTW performed flawlessly and it was incredible for long driving days - the trip made me love the truck even more than I already did. ...
  16. WDH advice

    I have the husky center line as well and am happy with it. Takes time to set it up correctly though they all do. They are also very noisy but that is what you get for metal in metal. Pro-pride is the class std but I couldn't justify the cost for the amount of towing we do. If we towed more...
  17. another tow weight...

    I think you are missing the key constraint. Payload. You are also using kg and lbs. Trailer tongue wt of 330kg is 725lbs Your wdh will be roughly 100lbs So tongue wt and hitch is 825 lbs Your payload is 1652lbs So you have 825 lbs room to put in the truck. You have to count all...
  18. Canadian extended warranty dealer?

    I think u will find most if not all the forum .embers will suggest getting the real ford esp warranty. I like a lot of members got it from Granger.
  19. Windshield wipers recall.

    My dealer said the same thing but I said I was going on a long trip and didn't want it to fail while I was away. They said with a wink, you must be having issues with your wipers right. I said yes. Dealer : that's all we need. They fixed it when they did my oil change.