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  1. Tint help/info wanted.

    I'm going to get tint put on my 23 Lairit BAP. I'm thinking just match the rear windows but I'm opening to going a little darker to help with keeping the sun out. I'm gonna get the moon roof tinted too. I have little to no understanding of the % numbers that people talk about. So if it was your...
  2. Anti-Theft Idea from Facebook

    I saw a stupid fake car repair video "Customer states car will not start without blinker on". Of course they just weren't stepping on the brake. A guy in the comments said he wired his bike to not start unless he hit the horn and starter at the same time. He figured a thief wouldn't think to do...
  3. Vinyl Stickers on back glass

    Would the defroster cause vinyl stickers to peel? Thinking about putting a couple of small ones on the lower edge of the back glass. But given how big the rear defroster is I don't want to do it and it look like crap in a years time.
  4. Oil change interval at just 1,000 miles?

    Just hit 1,000 miles and it's time for my break-in oil change. What do I tell them when I call? Is this covered under the "dealer's maintenance warranty" bullshit they sell you? Is it even expensive enough to justify driving 40 miles when there is a Ford Quick Lane 10 miles away?
  5. Musings on Southern Snow and Trucks

    East Tennessee and other parts of the South have had what the local weather guessers like to call a "Snow Event". We get these freaks of nature every 10 to 12 years. After the events 4x4 sales are up and they get traded in or sold off in a few years because "I don't need a 4WD". Well it is upon...
  6. Down hill transmission shifting question

    When in sport mode and going down a "country hill" when I hit the brakes to slow down to like 30-35 mph I've noticed my RPM stays high and the transmission doesn't shift out of 3 or 4. Is this just the shift points in Sport mode or is it something the hill descent does? It's not a problem or...
  7. Wi-Fi why question

    Put in Starlink and since it has a TON more download allowance than I've ever had I decided to connect the truck to the home network. I know I've read that its a step in the OTA updates but I can't recall seeing a specific reason for WHY we do this.
  8. A funny thing happened on the way home....

    I went to the bank this morning and remembered where the fold mirrors button was at the drive thru. I put the truck in park and got my deposit out of my wallet. I put my wallet on the shifter/cup holder area just like I do the Explorer. The lady working the window did the transaction and when I...
  9. Carwiner protective screen

    Got the Carwiner (giggle) tempered glass protector (HD) today and clean as I might I still got a small bubble here and there. But I got the position exactly right so I'm just gonna live with it. It's just a huge phone screen protector and nice and thick. I think it's gonna do a good job of...
  10. Software version on Fordpass

    Is it just my imagination or did Ford Pass not show you the version of the software your truck is running? (Like 6.2/6.3)
  11. Looking for simple push bar and wings

    Took a night ride in the new 23 and had a deer almost jump out on me. Scared me to death with just having the truck 1 week. I don't want a full on grill guard but just a simple pushbar and headlight wings. Does anyone know if they even make something this simple anymore?
  12. Auto Brights and Ditch Deer Hunting

    I found myself out of tobacco and had to run to the gas station this evening. First time I've been out after dark in the NEW truck so I figured I'd try out the auto bright feature. Halfway there the biggest bodied buck I've ever seen in my life magically appears by the side of the road. Looked...
  13. Climate Control question

    The only selectable vent button I see is the defrost/dash/footwell button. Am I blind or is there not a way to select just the dash vents or just the floorboards?
  14. Your goto in vehicle tool kits

    What is your goto all in one tool kit for emergency side of the road stuff? I just finished getting everything organized and sorted in a big rolling toolbox I got for Christmas last year. I don't really want to rob stuff from it to build my own. Just want a "put it behind the rear seats and...
  15. Printed Owners Manual

    I was looking for a case to put my insurance and registration paperwork in and found this. 2023 owners manual and case They all the different model years but they are pricey as heck! $75 to $80 buck. I remember reading on here that some people were looking for them so thought I'd share.
  16. Need ideas for rear seating area storage

    For those of you whose truck is your grocery getter what do you use to keep the shopping bags together if you flip your seats. I've looked at some truck organizers but I don't know if they work good or not. Thought about some crates too and just wrap a ratchet strap around them.
  17. OHMU New Upgraded LED Tail Lights

    I have no idea if these are junk or not, at $130 a set they probably are, but I saw them on Amazon. I thought I know I just got this but they would look so killer with the BAP on the truck. I want to remember that the one tail light for a Ranger when they came out was like $250 because I...
  18. Pulled the trigger

    After many questions that you all answered so patiently I did the deed today and bought that 2023 Lariat. Its 502A with BAP and a 3.5. Thank you all for ALL your help.
  19. Build date by Vin question.

    Google says the 11th and 12th digit is the month the truck was built. Does FB mean February or something else?
  20. Never titled used 2023

    Finally got Mom talked into doing some window shopping at the various dealerships today. She said the Tremor was too tall and didn't think she could get into it good. Dash that dream because damn that's a pretty truck! Salesman said they had some used 2023 with less than 50 miles on them so we...