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  1. iOS 15 Issues

    Anyone else experiencing issues with the latest ios 15? since updating my phone no longer connects automatically to my truck via Bluetooth and CarPlay. The only way I can connect now is to hardwire. I have tried erasing the connection and re connecting and it works but next time I start my...
  2. F250 - where to order

    My friend is wanting to order a f250. Anyone know of any dealers offering good deals similar to granger? Or maybe granger does good deals for f250s? Also what forum do y’all recommend he follows? thanks!
  3. Ford Truck Month has Arrived!

    What deals do you have in your area? The link I got to the website didn’t really show any deals. Lol
  4. Speed Limit Recognition

    Anyone notice the truck is confused by different speed limits in one area? example- driving and speed limit changes to 70 all cars then 100ft after that the “trucks over etc” 60mph sign is posted. The truck goes to 70 then will quickly switch to the 60 once we get to that sign even though it’s...
  5. Dashcam Review - Vantop H612

    So I decided to get a rear view mirror dash cam which includes a 2K front camera and rear 1080p camera. It has voice controls, GPS with speed, night vision, and motion sensors to record if truck is off. + more. Overall packaging was kind of a mess. But the display was very nice. I needed to...
  6. Water entered Rear sliding window.

    I did a quick manual wash and not sure if it was my fault when trying to hit the back window I may have been at a bad angle.. but when I was done and got back in the truck I saw some water on the back seat headrest and even some splashed on to the backseat driver side window. Anyone else...
  7. Quick video on Bed Cover options

    Just saw this tiktok (yes I know..) that quickly shows a bunch of different options and thought it was nice to see them all in action in one quick video. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMe21Bafn/
  8. Ceramic Coating - Price and Details Thread

    For those of us wanting to get ceramic coating done it might help when comparing prices to post some information here- Entire truck? (Windows, trim, and paint) What brand? How many years? How much did you pay? Did you also get paint correction? Where did you get it done at? Thanks!
  9. Auto shift to park in Action!

    Did a quick video of the auto shift to park.
  10. Crazy Shipping Timeframes

    Anyone else experiencing weird timeframes with delivery? my truck was built on 1/23 and shipped out 1/24 and my ETA was 2/9. The tracker just updated and my new ETA is now 3/4. Kinda crazy it’s going from Dearborn to Granger. Ford chat said it’s been at the KC rail yard “for awhile” now which...
  11. Anyone recently financed through Ford?

    Has anyone recently financed through ford to get the $1000 cash back? What rates are they offering for perfect credit? The website only says 8.9% which seems insane and not sure if it’s even worth applying lol
  12. Window Sticker has Arrived!

    Not sure when it’s being built exactly I believe first week of February still.. glad to see progress finally! Anyone else get their window stickers? Post below!
  13. 5.0L MPG Mileage according to Window Sticker

    Not so great considering it has cylinder deactivation.. In fact don’t the previous model 5.0s have like 18/23? Yikes!
  14. How to raise / close the 2021 F-150 Power Tailgate with your legs

    I have seen a few people on here saying “how am I supposed to reach under the tailgate to click the button to raise it back up” credit-User jillciminillo
  15. Interior Shots of B&O and Sync 4 Night Mode

    Check out some pictures of the interior Hurst TX 10/14