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  1. Truck Burglarized---No Alarm Went off. WTH?

    The shirt triggering sounds like an ultrasonic sensor. Movement of the vehicle is likely an accelerometer, both use very little power. I wish I had the perimeter alarm. When I got it tinted, I wanted a fancy Lumar version but was apparently only sold in Europe, so I got 3M Scotchshield instead...
  2. Topped off 3 clicks and gas spilled out everywhere

    OP was the truck completely level when you filled it? 5th gen Town & Country / Grand Caravan you can baby an extra 2.8 gallons into the tank if you're patient enough. Every Toyota I've owned, and my F150 - after that first click, it's really done, you're just topping off the filler neck. I...
  3. Eco-Boost Economy Mode

    Wind. I set mine to Eco every time I get in, and as far as I can tell, it does nothing other than reduce the digital throttle response. The engineers spent a lot of effort on the aerodynamics, the louvered grill and the air dam curtain that comes down. Seems between 40 and 50 mph I get the best...
  4. Max Recline Seats (why?)

    Oh. I want that. I didn't know Max Recline was back, I thought they killed it off like the Powerstroke Junior after 2021, citing hard to get parts and/or low sales.
  5. Question, To lend my truck or not

    Sure they can, just harder for kids getting started with their lives to afford it these days. I replied to that right after having a conversation with my friend that has a 2013 Ram 3500 and we were talking about if/when we'd ever have to replace our trucks - and how expensive it would be. I...
  6. Question, To lend my truck or not

    Can't tell if that was /s sarcasm or not.
  7. Battery charger recommendations

    A NOCO Genius 5 has been connected to my battery for 1 year 4 months now (~28,000 miles) and gets plugged in every night. Set it and forget it, it remembers the last setting. https://amazon.com/dp/B08G3NVR1N/ Non-affiliate, no tracking product link. It's $80 right now, I paid $65 when it was on...
  8. Noco Genius Users - Pulsing Green

    +1 on leaving it attached. My NOCO 5 is attached with ring terminals to the battery and gets plugged in every single day.
  9. Opinions Wanted

    I hate the MPG too but slower and it really jumps up. If we get to the point where we set the destination and let the vehicle handle all aspects of the driving, I wouldn't care if it went 50 mph the whole way there. I can sleep, work, watch a TV show... I know we're still in the infancy but...
  10. Rad truck straps for bed

    I think it's a neat product at a decent price point, and added it to my list of stuff I may eventually get (especially if they've got a sale). I already have a bunch of straps, so getting just a few hook plates may be just what I need. If anybody was wondering about the stresses, kudos to user...
  11. My Girl Got Tackled

    You're a good man, OP Charlie Brown David.
  12. Ford demos next gen infotainment system

    I had never heard of this - that's fancy, and it was 14½ years ago this video was uploaded to Youtube showing it in action:
  13. Permanent Drill/Bolt On Yakima Roof Rack Installed/Review

    You'd think some of these photos were professional Ford marketing material. Nice trailblazing work! Tell me about your hitchamadoodle: It has annoyed me how there's no market for F150 roof racks, but have like 30 to pick from if you own a Tacoma.
  14. Engine Block Heater Thermal Photos (3.5L EcoBoost V6)

    That's a good point too - the manual says you're wasting power after 3 hours, so I don't leave mine on all night. But I just noticed something... 220-240 volt!? Mine came with a 15A 120V plug (NEMA 5-15P). I.. suppose that might actually be true - my stock (ordered with the truck) F150 block...
  15. Engine Block Heater Thermal Photos (3.5L EcoBoost V6)

    Wall -> Timer -> Thermo Cube -> truck. https://amazon.com/dp/B000M4ZJ6Y/ They make a few versions that come on and off at different temps. Or get fancy with some scripting and smart plugs.
  16. Engine Block Heater Thermal Photos (3.5L EcoBoost V6)

    I appreciate you posting the pics of the engine, I bought my 2021 with the block heater and I've never thought to take my FLIR cam and look. I'm very much after longevity as well with the BH, a 50W Zerostart oil pan heater, 5A Noco on the battery, and I also have a small space heater in the...
  17. Warming up a Powerboost

    I'm curious on their charging algorithms for the 12v SLA battery. I have a NOCO Genius 5A charger, SLA chemistry selected, permanently on the battery and it will draw 71 watts for a LONG time every day when I plug it in. Today I plugged in the truck before shutting the engine off and noticed it...
  18. I want too pull 10000 lb. Toy Hauler with 23 F-150 and 4 inch BDS Lift LOL

    Also while we're talking about towed weight distribution... Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWd8ml9mFMo
  19. Going from 87 to 93 octane

    Here's a convenient button that does just that! hehe
  20. Catch can causing oil pan leak?

    Yes, "the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act puts the burden on the automaker to prove that a modification directly contributed to the failure of a specific component"