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  1. Transmission and Temp Gauges

    Other than using Forscan to enable numbers under the gauges, is there a way I can see the actual transmission and engine temps in a sub menu? I feel like at one time this was an option on my dad's old 2011 lariat. For reference, I have a 2021 xlt mid 301A.
  2. 275 -> 265, anyone actually do it?

    Has anyone actually went down from the stock 275/65/18 size to say 265/70/r18 or narrower? If you did, did you regret it? I'm planning to swap from the OEM tires to an E rated and 3PMS tire for towing and better winter performance. I was thinking a narrower tire would give better performance...
  3. Oil Change Pan

    Does anyone have any recommendation on a oil change container that is also a carrier. I want to find something with a catch area that will minimize spillage when draining the engine oil pan.
  4. Brake Rotor Upgrade

    Hi All, I am looking to upgrade my pads soon on my 21 3.5 SCREW. I was looking at the factory brake specs for 2021 and it looks like the primary difference between the standard HD brake spec and the Max Brake spec is rear 350x24mm rotors. The pads and calipers look to be identical through the...