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  1. Skipping second gear when starting from stopped. Always going from first gear to third gear, not going to second.

    When starting from a stopped position, I notice that the second gear is never used. My truck is in first gear when I am stopped. When I start moving, even very slowly, the second gear is never used. The transmission goes from first to third gear. Does my transmission has a problem or is this...
  2. Unknown parts behind driver side rear wheel on F-150 Lariat 2023.

    I am calling on the wisdom of the group. I received my new F-150 Lariat 2 weeks ago (built in November 2023). I was looking around my new truck, when my eye caught some intriguing parts, which I have to clue on their functionality. Anyone know about these parts?? See pictures.
  3. How to install a permanent trickle charger on new F150 Lariat 2023. Also how can I have the Battery/Alternator level on the screen steering wheel?

    Hello everyone I am new to the Ford community. I traded in last week my old GMC 2500 HD 6.0L V8 2012 for a new Ford F-150 Lariat 5.0L 2023 (built in November 2023). I always had battery drainage issues with my GMC. So I installed a permanently hooked up trickle charger (Noco Genius Gen5x1) on...