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  1. Hidden OTA data from ford.com change : {errorDescription": "No Qualified Alerts Found", "statusCode": "204" }

    Is there any news on why we can't see the OTA status anymore? it just reads the following: {mmotaAlertsDetails: [], status: {errorDescription: "No Qualified Alerts Found", statusCode: "204"},…} VIN: "XXXXXXXXXXX" ccsStatus: {ccsConnectivity: "On", ccsVehicleData: "On"} ccsConnectivity...
  2. Car play view changed/messed up with latest update 2.3.0

    My CarPlay screen has a crappy border around it now. Any way to fix this? Started with the new update 2.3.0 my CarPlay screen shots are also not the same, they are smaller and offset to the left like they are positioned on the screen.
  3. Hard Shift 1 to 3

    Anyone else notice a hard shift from 1 to 3 (when skipping 2) under normal driving conditions and light acceleration? Mine is clunky. I believe skipping 2 is expected in eco and normal modes, but I haven’t verified this. I mean, I baby this truck as far as the throttle, and I expect it to be...
  4. SYNC Version Tracker

    Can we start tracking versions of SYNC4 here? I have 20312 Rev. 243 on my 502A. Is there anywhere that can provide version tracking via Ford? The Sync chat couldn't help me.
  5. Sync and vehicle code level history, updates etc?

    Is there a list of updates and when they were made available and pushed? I am trying to track changes to my truck and I had auto-update on.
  6. Truck asking to Return to Eco Mode?

    Today I noticed my truck asked me if I wanted to return to eco drive mode when I started it. Is that something new? is there any documentation on updates and code releases?
  7. Seats and Steering Wheel Moved Itself!

    Today when I went out to my truck and the driver seat was FULLY reclined, to the point it was smashing my car-seat base and may have ruined the driver seat leather, we will see if it "recovers". I did not recline it, but was using my remote start app and key fob, since I was using the zone...
  8. B&O (8 speaker) setting recommendation

    A lot of complaints about the tone of the non-unleashed systems. I found this to be a pretty good tone settings profile and I am happy with the eight speaker system. I came from the 20-speaker Lincoln Revel system which was amazing, this is still pretty good. Give this a shot.
  9. Factory Tray Style Floor Liner Pics? Under Seat Storage?

    Does anyone have images of the factory floor liners? I don't have any other options for the rear with under seat storage. I just don't want to get them if they are no good, especially for the back. Thanks!
  10. Yaw sensor AND trailer camera together?

    Since these appear to use the same plug, can I use them both at the same time?
  11. Dear Ford, The World Isn’t Flat.

    Anyone else have a list of things that Ford overlooked testing on anything but flat ground? The center console lid on the 2021 F150 is the latest. My driveway is maybe a 5 percent grade, and when backed in, the lid doesn’t even try to stay up when open. other things: - cab corners hold a ton of...
  12. Tow mirror dimmer than passenger side mirror

    My driver side tow mirror has a tint, and what looks like a couple of black lines surrounding the main mirror glass. The passenger side isn’t like this. Is there a reason for that?
  13. What’s the flat key for?

    I got a flat key, what is it used for? Haven’t found it in the manual. Thanks.
  14. 26% of miles so far are electric only on PowerBoost!

    I’ve had my truck since Tuesday night. I have put 122 miles on it and 32 of them have been electric only. Super impressed. MPG isn’t accurate because I warm it up woth remote start and spent a lot of time idling playing with the sync system.
  15. No Vehicle Controls in Ford Pass App

    Anyone else activate their truck but not have the ability to control it. I have location, mileage, tire pressure etc. but I dont have lock/unlock/remote start. They just aren't on the screen.
  16. Floor Mat for Fold Flat Storage Back Rear Seat?

    Anyone besides Ford have a nice floor mat for the super crew back seat with the fold flat storage? Looking for any options. Thanks!
  17. Whirring sound when on brake

    Picked up my truck today. It makes a loud whirring sound when on the brake, even when I’m not in gear. Is this normal and I’m sure it has something to do with the regenerative brake system, but can someone explain it?
  18. Tint % to match factory rear tint?

    What % are people going with to match the stock rear tint. I know this can vary by type/manufacturer so please include the type and brand of tint if you know it. Thanks!
  19. A/Z Plan WITH Incentives?

    I am being told we won't know if I can apply incentives until the truck lands and I make a purchase. I am referring to the retail offers for financing, and the college student / recent grad $750 customer cash. Does anyone have experience adding incentives on top of A plan purchases? The A plan...
  20. Have a RETAIL Order Production Dates?

    Who has a date, not just a week for production of a RETAIL order (window sticker blend number)? Share your trim and engine along with your date and I’ll put them in a sheet. Anyone actually have their truck yet?