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  1. Ford - undo whatever you did in that last update.

    Just for more visibility to them. My transmission was buttery smooth most of the time prior to that update and now the transmission is jerky especially on downshifts into 9th and 5th. If you’re accelerating and it’s upshifting into those gears and you suddenly need to brake it feels like the...
  2. Rear diff gear oil change at 9000km

    Swapped out the stock rear cover for the Dana Spicer / Ford Performance one today at 9000km and the diff fluid was very dark grey/black - Not that the color necessarily means it’s no good but I’d highly recommend an early change out after seeing that.
  3. Differential bolt size

    For those of you that have changed the diff cover or replaced bolts. What’s the correct size? I see two sizes called out on multiple forums. Some say 5/16, other sites like Ford parts lists an M10 bolt as being compatible with a 2023 9.75. Thanks!
  4. Pump running when truck is off and cold.

    Something interesting I noticed today. Truck was cold and hadn’t ran in over 24 hours. I unlocked it and went underneath to look for leaks since I just got it back from warranty work yesterday and I noticed that a coolant pump (?) was running under the left hand side close to the transfer case...
  5. Transmission filter part number

    Just an FYI- The transmission filter in the 2023 (at least) Powerboost is not the FT-215 or FT-202 listed everywhere. I bought and supplied an FT-215 so the tech could change it out as my pan was dropped due to a leak and apparently it is a different design, likely the FT-217.
  6. 23 Powerboost transmission leak

    Well it looks like I’ll be sending my 4000km Powerboost in for warranty. Noticed red oily fluid starting to develop in my parking spot and sure enough the transmission pan is covered in fluid. Not a fan of the dealerships but this will give them the opportunity to address the alignment that’s...