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  1. 12 pin plug for yaw/tpms etc

    The plug utilizes punch contact pins that require crimping and the socket utilizes a proprietary contact socket. Are you building your own harness? If you are looking for the Deutsch style connector on the back of the socket that info is in this thread...
  2. 12 pin plug for yaw/tpms etc

    Are you talking about the trailer side plug, truck side 12 way socket or the connector on the back of the socket which the main truck harness connects to?
  3. 275 -> 265, anyone actually do it?

    I've had them about month and have put about 400 miles on them. Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to drive them in snow yet and given how this winter has been I don't think I will until late fall. The initial impression is that you really notice the extra weight. The 265/70/r18 at4w's weigh...
  4. Transmission and Temp Gauges

    That's a great solution, thanks for sharing it. 👍
  5. Transmission and Temp Gauges

    I saw a coolant temp readout but didn't see a trans temp gauge. Maybe I don't have the latest OTA update.
  6. Transmission and Temp Gauges

    Other than using Forscan to enable numbers under the gauges, is there a way I can see the actual transmission and engine temps in a sub menu? I feel like at one time this was an option on my dad's old 2011 lariat. For reference, I have a 2021 xlt mid 301A.
  7. Weigh Safe ball mount selection

    I bought the Weighsafe Inline 6" drop a few months ago when they were having a sale. It's heavier but it has the same specs as the aluminum models and half the price. It's worked well for me. I love having the adjustability. I think if I had to do it again I'd get a 8 inch drop as I've used...
  8. 275 -> 265, anyone actually do it?

    I ended up ordering 265/70/18 e load Wildpeak AT4's. I'm having them fitted tomorrow. I will post pics in the next few days or so with some initial comments.
  9. Mirror appreciation

    I was thinking of the snap on ones too as a stop gap, those are not ideal. I do not have 360 cameras or fold ins. Just BLIS and heated. Fairway has them for about $700 a pair.
  10. Mirror appreciation

    Has anyone had experience using these while towing? The standard mirrors are fine for my current 20' tt but anything larger I will need to upgrade to the factory tow mirrors. I'd love to avoid paying $700 on a $250 factory option.
  11. Falken Wildpeak A/T4W Tires | NOW Available at DTC

    I'm looking at these as well and cross shopping with Yokohamas. Do you have the tread width on these in a 265/70/18? Yokohama has it listed but Falken doesn't. Also I love me a discount. 😀
  12. 275 -> 265, anyone actually do it?

    I was thinking of going in 2 directions. Falken wild peak at4w which has great reviews or Yokohama Geolander G015s. I don't have any experience with the Falkens but have had Geolanders on my Outback which is a beast in the snow. That tire has never let me down but kind of looks like a highway...
  13. 275 -> 265, anyone actually do it?

    Yeah, I noticed that too when looking at calculators, I'm fine with the taller tire and about 2mph in speedometer variance.
  14. 275 -> 265, anyone actually do it?

    Has anyone actually went down from the stock 275/65/18 size to say 265/70/r18 or narrower? If you did, did you regret it? I'm planning to swap from the OEM tires to an E rated and 3PMS tire for towing and better winter performance. I was thinking a narrower tire would give better performance...
  15. Oil Change Pan

    True, I purchased a fumoto and will install on the next change. I will still need a pan for that and for the filter change. My plan is to keep old oil bottles and fill those up with the old oil.
  16. Oil Change Pan

    I ordered this as well. I really want to optimize this process so it can be quick and clean. I never want an excuse to not change the oil.
  17. Oil Change Pan

    I read that in the reviews, it looks like a pretty common occurrence. I think the one from Wallyworld could be the winner.
  18. Oil Change Pan

    Wow, can't beat that price! Looks like that will be a winner.
  19. Oil Change Pan

    Ive been considering this, mostly because I have a HF nearby and the price is pretty reasonable. I just wasnt sure if the actual pan was large enough to avoid spillage. Also if their might be an alternative that seems to work better then most.
  20. Oil Change Pan

    Does anyone have any recommendation on a oil change container that is also a carrier. I want to find something with a catch area that will minimize spillage when draining the engine oil pan.